111Skin Meso Infusion Micro Masks


As technology advances in the beauty world, the line between in-office treatments and at-home beauty care is becoming blurred. Pop into Sephora or the beauty department in Nordstrom’s and you’ll see products that bring services once reserved for dermatologists’ offices into your bathroom: hair removal lasers, like Tria; red and blue LED lights for collagen stimulation and acne treatment, such as BabyQuasar; derma rollers with micro fine needles for micro-needling therapy; and various strength at-home chemical peels. The list goes on.

While the results aren’t exactly what you would get in a professional office (the strength is reduced for obvious reasons), they do offer those looking for a way to avoid prohibitive costs or downtime associated with professional treatments.

One innovation further obfuscating the line between professional and home care comes from British brand, 111Skin, and brings forth home mesotherapy in the form of a patch. Made up of 150 micro structures (needle shaped points) infused with pure hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, the micro structures penetrate the skin and push collagen boosting ingredients into the dermis until ultimately dissolving after forty minutes to an hour. Sounds painful, but it’s not. The feeling can be likened to a piece of velcro being pressed on the skin when applied, but then dissipating.


The main goal of skincare formulations is to figure out how to penetrate the skin; Better penetration of ingredients, such as plant stem cells or antioxidants equates to increased efficacy. Because of this, treatments, such as mesotherapy (where vitamins and hyaluronic acid are injected into the dermis) have become widely popular in cosmetic medical practices. The results can be seen right away, as key ingredients are delivered immediately and deeply.

After seeing the effects of mesotherapy in his 111 Harley Street clinic in London, Dr. Yannis Alexandridis wanted to create a product to mimic these results for at home. Combined with patch technology found in South Korea and Dr. Alexandridis’ expertise, the brand has created at home Meso Infusion Micro Mask: The only product of it’s kind.

But ground breaking innovation doesn’t come cheap. A box of eight patches will set you back one hundred and sixty dollars. So best to keep them on hand for special occasions when you want to give under eyes, laugh lines, crows feet or “eleven” lines a quick boost of radiance, smoothness and visibly reduce fine lines.

www.111Skin.com, Meso Infusion Micro Mask $160

-by Amy Chang
Image Source: 111Skin