3 tips for how to drink alcohol WITHOUT ruining your skin

Do you breakout after a night of drinking or even a couple of cocktails? I used to. But after years of making mistakes and learning from them, I now have 3 drinking rules I live by that help me get through holiday parties, summer outings and more without incurring breakouts after imbibing.


This includes sugar mixers, like high sugar liqueurs (ie Malibu, St. Germain, Grand Marnier, Alize etc), juices (orange, cranberry, pineapple, etc) and I also opt to drink alcohol that are very low in carbohydrates and sugars themselves – Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Rum and Whiskey – being the top five best options for their low carb and low sugar profiles.

Sugar causes inflammation and if you’re prone to inflammatory breakouts like I am, especially around the mouth area, then avoiding sugar while you drink could reduce inflammation caused while drinking and thus inflammatory skin issues.

*Sugar also causes inflammation that can lead to the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

*Dry wines, like pinot grigio and cabernet sauvignon are your best bets for low sugar wine options!


I avoid caffeine mixers when I drink. This is super important because caffeine is a diuretic, so it can speed up dehydration while drinking. This includes – coffee, red bull, diet sodas etc.

Rule #3: Water, Water, Water 

Drinking water while drinking alcohol is the key (at least for me) to preventing swollen, broken out, red skin the day after drinking. I typically, like to drink Vodka Sodas (vodka mixed with club soda water) and I add three limes for some flavor. This makes sure that I’m ingesting water simultaneously while drinking. If I’m not drinking this and perhaps drinking wine instead, I make sure to alternate one alcoholic beverage and one glass of water.