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When the tweets, “fake news,” and indefatigable social media exhaust the fumes you’ve been running on and push you to the brink of insanity, aromatherapist, alchemist and energy healer, Michelle Roques O’Neil, has what you need: a line of soul and body healing aromatherapy skin care remedies, tonics and bath salts to recenter your Chi. Rub a little Therapie Roques O’Neil Calming Rub along your throat and chest to alleviate congestion, mist your face with the awakening  Therapie Roques O’Neil Restore Aura Spray or sprinkle their Joie Bath Infusion into your bath and you’ll see why Vogue named Michelle one of the world’s “top ten aromatherapists.” So we begged the question – what does one of the world’s top aromatherapists’ beauty routine look like? Read on to find out…

“Morning’s the best time for me. I wake early and living in London means it’s really quiet around 7am. I love that sound of silence. I love having ritual in my life and this has been my daily ritual for a long time. I feel out of kilter when it goes a drift…

A large glass of crystal infused water first thing really seems to get my body going. I prepare a large cup of hot water with lemon and go back into bed. Whilst this cools I do my pages (about three) expressing whatever’s on my mind. This can be anxieties, feelings, ideas, whatever comes to the surface. I end with a page of affirmations; I like them as they reinforce my positivity.

I love Angel cards. I’ve done reading for years, so have developed an express method. They’re my daily guidance and followed by deep Hara breathing – a prelude to meditation. I love the ethereal space meditation creates.

I try to get to the park across the road, it’s really peaceful in the early morning, and I Qi walk for 20 minutes and finish with five elements Qi Gong. If it’s raining, I’ll just do the Qi Gong at home. As the weather gets better I walk in to work. My Spring intention is to incorporate a hot yoga and Barre session once a week but let’s see! Music for my walk depends, a bit of anything. I’m currently listening to James Blake, Elbow and Sampha or I make a playlist – making playlists is one of my favorite chill out things. I also love cooking and watching cookery programs. I am currently obsessively watching Rick Stein’s Long Weekends – glorious!

Morning bathing ritual consist of a shower with our body wash; It’s so invigorating like a shot of aromatic wheatgrass. I then rub in some Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence on wet skin to center me. It’s a fab aromatherapy skin care moisturizer made with organic apricot kernel; The aroma is beyond serene. It really sets my day. Morning beauty ritual is a hot muslin soaked with rosewater. It’s the same wonderful rose we use in our Restore Aura Spray – heavenly!

I’m currently working on a Therapie aromatherapy skin care range so am testing a wide range of products. I exfoliate once a week using a combination of fine raw sugar, sandalwood and rose powder – again there’s lots of experimentation going on. I then take some cool rosewater and massage it into my skin until it’s fully absorbed. I’m also trial-ing a face oil which I use day and night, just a tiny bit AM and then in the evening I do a full facial massage with rose quartz gusha where the aroma, as well as being good for the skin, also clears my mind and emotions.”


-as told to BOND EN AVANT; Photographed by Wing Ta


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