Dr. Barbara Sturm’s $1,400 MC1 “Blood Cream”


In this small plastic white jar, the size of my palm, is a cream that contains my own blood and costs $1,400 (not to mention that it requires going to either Dusseldorf or Munich to get it). After interviewing the fabled Dr. Barbara Sturm early last week, she generously offered to make me a jar of her MC1 “Blood Cream.” You can imagine I played it cool, like, “Yah, that would be great. Thank you,” while FREAKING OUT and doing mental cartwheels inside. I had read about this, for lack of a better word, magic cream on Coveteur and Into The Gloss and the idea of getting to try it was more than my blogger brain could handle.

For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Sturm custom makes each cream. And the science of which, draws on her background in orthopedics where she would use patients’ own blood to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing.

Here’s how it’s made…

“I draw patients’ blood with a syringe with little glass beads in it to create an uneven surface. When the cells come into this syringe they recognize the uneven surface as a wound and start to produce healing factors,” explains Dr. Sturm. The blood is then incubated for six hours as the healing factors continue to increase before finally being spun in a centrifuge separating away the red blood cells.

What’s left once the red blood cells are removed will blow your mind and make you wish you had an extra two grand laying around. Dr. Sturm describes it as, “140x higher concentration of healing factors than you have normally in your blood. It’s a super healing cocktail of your own blood.” These super healing factors are then mixed into a base cream she created with a German pharmacist void of fragrance, mineral oils, phthalates, parabans or other toxic ingredients.

The results…

Glowing, bright, smooth, hydrated skin… after the second night!

If you’ve been reading along here at BOND EN AVANT, then you have read one too many articles detailing my skin woes: hyper-pigmentation, combination dryness, acne prone and sensitivity. (Basically, I would never wish my skin issues on even my worst frenemy.) But these skin issues are all tied to inflammation. So no wonder the cream to give me my best skin ever is founded on the premise of reducing inflammation and healing factors.

The glow is real people. I got carded today at Whole Foods buying wine and yesterday my husband (who notices nothing and stared at me blankly, slightly confused asking if I did something different last year after getting FULL ON BANGS ) said my skin looked pretty!?

This small jar has turned me into Golum from Lord Of The Rings – “Ohhh, my precious!” And while it won’t last forever, at least I’ll be able to turn to Dr. Sturm’s skincare line, Dr. Barbara Sturm, which includes two moisturizers she modeled after her MC1 “Blood Cream” once the last drop is gone. 

-by Amy Chang
Photographed by author

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