Beautycounter: The Green Beauty Version of Avon


When Erin Tomlinson, a Beautycounter Consultant, approached me about testing out the brand’s line of vegan, nontoxic skincare products made with 80% organic, natural and non synthetic ingredients my first thought was – what is Beautycounter? If you too haven’t heard of this beauty brand getting ready to shake things up, the most simplistic explanation is –  if Goop Beauty and Avon had a baby, it would be Beautycounter.

Based on an ethos of never including harmful chemicals (they ban over 1,500 chemical ingredients, including the 1,400 banned by the EU) and made in an ethical, eco-conscious way, the brand can be purchased online, in pop-up shops (most recently at Target) and through consultants. This is where it gets a little Avon and MaryKay-ish. Consultants rep the brand, host Beautycounter parties, and act as your skincare guides.

Now, when I found this out I was a little skeptical of the brand. Avon and MaryKay aren’t synonymous with quality in my mind. But Erin offered to send me skincare samples and well, how could I refuse that. They arrived in the mail a few days later and let’s just say my expectations were low, real low.

But to my surprise…wait for it…the samples were amazing! I loved them so much I even purchased a few items…

The brand’s light formulations felt clean, hydrated without sitting on the skin, and even soothed my irritated breakouts. My two favorites ended up being the Beautycounter Cleansing Balm, which melted into my skin and even increased hydration levels, and the tingly, cooling Lip Conditioner in Peppermint. But the daytime and nighttime moisturizers were a close second.

While luxury, green beauty brands, like Vintner’s Daughter and Yuli Skincare have been making a name for themselves and propelling the green beauty movement from the peripherals, I think it’s safe to say that Beautycounter might be the one to really take nontoxic skincare mainstream. 

-by Amy Chang
Image source: Beautycounter

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