New York City Beauty Guide – Part 1: The Best Facial


Just steps from luxury shops, like Missoni and Carolina Herrara on Madison Avenue, you’ll find tucked away on 78th street the city’s best kept secret – KLARA Beauty Lab. Opened in 2013 and run by Polish beauty, Klara Chrzuszcz, whom was recently chosen to be SkinCeuticals NYC brand ambassador, this petite spa offers bespoke facials that incorporate (depending on client needs) – micro-needling, microdermabrasion and chemical peels; botox and fillers curtesy of the resident plastic surgeon on staff; and the ultimate in customer service. (If Danny Meyer’s restaurant group were a spa – this would be it.)

Upon arrival (post cross-country flight and 90-minute traffic laden ride into the city), I was greeted warmly by the KLARA Beauty Lab staff and Klara herself, given a glass of champagne and relieved of my bags. No one seemed to notice my flattened hair or greasy visage post flight: Their only concern was my comfort, my relaxation and my happiness.

I filled out the prerequisite paperwork and was whisked away into Klara’s treatment room for two hours of what can only be described as transformative. My facial included: gentle cleansing, a sebum loosening serum (to make extractions easier), deft, expert and thorough extractions, an anti-inflammatory soothing mask, lymphatic massage, and hydrating, reparative serums. At one point Klara even used vibrating tuning forks to send gentle vibrations from my forehead down to my toes. By the end I had completely relaxed into a puddle of jelly. 

While the service itself and Klara’s expert understanding of the skin’s anatomy makes for an unbelievable facial, it is the warmth and positive energy of Klara and her staff that elevates the entire experience. There is no rushing, nor pushing product sales, client needs are anticipated and cared for, and Klara’s vast experience and love for the craft of skincare shines through in the care she gives to the smallest of details.

You will walk out with glowing skin, an uplifted spirit and longing for your next visit., custom facial, $250 and up; 50 E. 78th Street, New York, NY|(212) 390 – 0239

-by Amy Chang
Photographed by author

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