Back when our mother’s mother’s were washing up at night I imagine them dipping into a jar of Pond’s Cold Cream in front of their vanity wearing a satin robe, their hair in spongey sleeping curlers, and I Love Lucy on the tube. Times have definitely changed since then, but the simplicity of using a cream to cleanse the skin remains timeless. Though, the new cream cleansers have updated a bit. The products our generation are using to cleanse the skin, while wearing a baggy college t-shirt and definitely no curlers, are more advanced. Erborian’s Solid Cleansing Oil is one such cleanser. If you’re not familiar with the hybrid brand – Korean skin care technology meets Parisian luxury – this may be the gateway product that will have you hooked on Erborian. The Solid Cleansing Oil is made with a complex of seven different herbs to nourish the skin: green tea, chamomile, licorice, centella asiatica, Japanese knotweed, skullcap and rosemary – all known to soothe the skin. (And the best Korean oil cleanser IMO.)The texture in the jar resembles vaseline, but once applied, it relaxes into a silky oil dislodging makeup, dirt and debris. Skin feels soft and supple once rinsed with warm water. And the scent is reminiscent of Paris in the springtime.

Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil, $44

-by Amy Chang
Photographed by author


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