Whether you’re looking to clear up full blown cystic acne or the occasional pimple, Kelley Maddison, licensed esthetician, acne specialist and founder of PRIIA Minerale-Derm, believes using “clean” makeup has to be part of the solution.

After seeing a rising number in clientele dealing with acne at her skincare practice, Kelley decided to launch PRIIA Minerale-Derm in 2009. The entire line then went through a reformulation in 2014 and is now 100% acne safe and beneficial for acne sufferers. A proprietary blend of botanicals including green tea, olive leaf and licorice, provide antibacterial properties to help kill bacteria responsible for breakouts and soothe inflamed skin.

“PRIIA is so different than any other brand out there. I reformulated everything to be acne safe and took it one step further to be beneficial for acne. Everything we use is non-acnegenic (non acne causing). If you suffer from acne, you really need to do your due diligence and read ingredient lists. If you read the ingredient deck on many makeup products, even ones that say they are non-comedogenic, some actually have comedogenic ingredients in them,” explains the PRIIA Minerale-Derm founder.

Red dyes commonly found in blushes and bronzers are one such ingredient Kelley’s products do not contain. Rated level 3 on a scale of 0-5 (5 being the highest and most comedogenic) on the list of over 150 pore clogging ingredients, Kelley says “D&C red dyes can cause breakouts along the cheeks where the product is applied and are in many makeup products on the market.” PRIIA’s blushes and Vacation In A Jar Mineral Bronzer are two one of their top sellers, as a result.

The line’s other star products, Essential Cover Loose Mineral Foundation and Essential Cover Creme Mineral Foundation Stick, offer lightweight flawless, air brushed finishes expertly covering redness and come in fifteen different shades. All products are gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free. (And our pick as the best mineral makeup for acne prone skin.)

The topic of acne hits home for PRIIA founder, whom battled severe cystic acne throughout her teenage and early adulthood. “Seeing my acne patients in my practice, I totally know what they are going through. I can relate and understand the embarrassment they feel. But it’s not their fault. Its from genetics and lifestyle choices they aren’t even aware of and that’s why education and having safe products is paramount,” says Kelley.

Interested in trying out PRIIA Minerale-Derm? Samples and products are available for purchase through the website or check here to see if a retailer is near you.

www.priia.com $24-40

-by Amy Chang
Photographed by author


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