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The Instagram world is blowing up colored hair trends, like silver, ombre, pink and platinum blonde. If you’ve dived head first into a trendy dye job, investing in a colored shampoo to go with it will maintain your new found do’s gorgeous color and avoid inevitable fading to yellow, orange, or brassy tones. To get the scoop on color pigmented shampoos we reached out to Los Angeles, CA based stylist, Stefanie Horn of Styled By Stefanie to learn how exactly colored shampoos work and which ones are the best. 


Why you need it
“Whenever you lift hair to a blonde color it exposes a lot of yellow tones in the hair. On the color wheel, the complimentary color to yellow is purple, so if you put a purple tone on a yellow tone it neutralizes the yellow tones giving you a more neutral, white tone.”

How it works
“The purple shampoo is basically a coloring agent. It’s a dark purple shampoo that lays on the outside layer of your hair and fills in the gaps. It’s translucent, so it’s not going to turn your hair purple, but there’s enough pigment to mask yellow tones that start to show through as the hair dye fades.”

How to use
“If you are washing your hair three times a week, I would recommend using your colored shampoo once a week, depending on how quickly your hair fades. And leave it in for five minutes in the shower. This will make sure it adheres to the hair. Then follow up with a moisturizing conditioner or a mask once a week.”


“If you have hair that’s colored dark (black, dark brown), when the color fades you start to see orange-brassy tones. Orange is cancelled out by green or blue, so they have blue shampoos and conditioners that are out there.”

“They make red shampoos also, which are great for someone who wants to color their hair red. Really any color of the rainbow you can find a colored shampoo for it.”


Joico Blue Shampoo is my favorite blue shampoo for dark hair and the best purple shampoo I love is Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Color Save Shampoo, but Overtone has an amazing variety of colored shampoos that can fit any need.”

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Written by Amy Chang, founder + editor; Photo by Sarah Marie Karda


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