[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In my perfect world I could eat as much junk food as I wanted to and it would constantly burn fat, eliminating the need to ever work out. Or I could have “smart” socks that would be drawn to each other and I would never have an unmatched pair again. Although in reality, very rarely these multi-taskers work out (because 1.they call it junk food for a reason, 2. “Smart” socks are equally awesome and scary), and also because the ideal two-in-one pairing that actually works is a rare find indeed.

So color me delighted when I tried Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base.  This two in one face primer and moisturizer is beginning to change my outlook. Rich in shea butter and vitamins C and E, the primer itself glides on and melts into skin, giving it a quick dousing of nutrients and hydration. Luxurious in texture, I was tempted to scoop a huge amount and slather it all over my face and hands, but my common sense (and my wallet) prevailed. Luckily, using a small dab will get you just as far. Once fully absorbed, this base creates a silky smooth surface, filling in uneven textures and providing a barrier from the natural oils in your skin to transfer into your foundation. The results – smooth foundation application and long lasting wear.  Uplifting geranium and grapefruit provide just enough to invigorate without overwhelming; and the subtle dewiness it imparts suggests skipping my highlighting all together is fair game.

After loving this primer/base combo I realized I may just be living in my perfect world after all, sans “smart” socks. Now if I can just discover weight-loss junk food, I could literally have my cake and eat it too! Until then, I’ll settle for sumptuously soft, nourished skin, at the ready for my daily dose of full foundation.

Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base, $58

-by Becca Mendoza
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