With summer months just around the corner, you probably can’t wait to break out your summer wardrobe. Just make sure that with those crop tops and shorts SPF is part of the ensemble. What may seem like a little burn or even a tan is actually sun damage. And each year with more new cases of skin cancer than the combined number of people diagnosed with breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer combined, reports the Skin Cancer Foundation, you’d better watch out. Keep your skin protected by wearing protective clothing, seeking out shade and reapplying sunscreen every two hours. Read on for our favorite SPF products for face, body and spot treatment. 

There are two kinds of sunscreens, “chemical” and “physical.” Chemical sunscreens typically are clear and act as filters reducing UV penetration to the skin. Mainly they protect against the burn causing UVB rays, but do not block UVA rays; those associated with causing signs of aging. The Melanoma Foundation reports that “physical” sunblocks containing titanium oxide and zinc oxide, which physically block out both UVB and UVA rays are more effective at protecting the skin.

If you have to choose between the two, we highly recommend always opting for a physical sunscreen for the face. It protects against wrinkles…need we say more? But some don’t like the white tint or heavy feel physical sunscreens can leave behind. If that’s you, then you haven’t tried Dr. Eslee Physical Sunscreen SPF 50. Extremely lightweight, this sunscreen blends to a powdery silky finish; you’ll forget you’re wearing sunscreen. We’re obsessed with this light, fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin types SPF.

For body coverage, try Supergroop Sun Defying Sun Screen Oil SPF 50. This sunscreen oil is a “chemical” blocker that hydrates the skin with a blend of meadow foam seed oil, argan oil, and natural essential oils – pomegranate, citrus and calendula. The scent is heavenly. The oil sinks seamlessly into the skin, leaving a silky, hydrated finish. Great for body, but we don’t recommend using this product on your face. It contains coconut oil, which can be comedogenic for acne and breakout prone skin types. Jane Dudik, licensed esthetician, certified acne specialist and founder of The Acne Treatment Center in Washington, explains, “Everybody thinks coconut oil is great for your skin, but it can actually cause more acne. It has to do with the molecule. It’s small enough to slide into your pore, clogging it and causing acne breakouts.”

Fresh Sugar Sport SPF 30 is our favorite for lip and on-the-go spot protection. The waterproof formula non-slip formula is great to use around the eyes, on tops of hands, and provides a nice SPF base under lipsticks. Made with nourishing oils – meadow foam, avocado oil, grape seed oil – this stick feels ultra hydrating while protecting.

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