Just because your girlfriend loves her foundation, or the latest blush is trending on Instagram, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best product for your skin type. We get it. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s trending, but you could be doing your skin a disservice. We sit down with makeup artist, Dominique Lerma, to learn about prepping skin before makeup, and how to choose makeup based on your skin type. 

Prepping the skin
“If you are using the right skincare products to prep skin, that actually enables you to bypass primers. I always believe in prepping skin. After cleansing, I use Murad’s Resurgence Hydrating Toner. It restores the pH balance of skin, helps with impurities, and is great for any type of skin to give it an extra boost of moisture. Then I follow with an eye cream. I really like Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. It’s a lightweight eye cream that I apply underneath, all over the lid and bring it up to the brow bone. For serum, Murad has a Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum I use on everyone. Sometimes serums can leave a sticky feeling, but what I like about the Murad serum is it leaves a nice finish. To finish up I will apply a moisturizer. I have been using a French drugstore brand, Embryolisse, for over six years. They have a Lait-Creme that is really nourishing. It’s the holy grail of moisturizers. I’ve come across other makeup artists who carry this brand in their kits also.” 

Normal Skin
“I’ve found Two Faced Born This Way foundation to be really universal. You can use it on a range of normal to combination skin types. A little bit goes a long way and it has build able coverage. People with normal skin have a lot of leverage when it comes to products they can use. I use cream and powder blushes, and bronzers are fair game. If I’m going to do a cream blush on them, sometimes if I want to give the color a little bump up, I’ll lightly go over it with a powder blush to make sure it’s set and won’t budge.”

Oily Skin
“Someone with oily skin, who wants to not look oily throughout the day, I like to use Frankie Rose Matte Perfection Foundation. It goes on velvety and has a really good floral scent. Mac Studio Fix is always a go-to for someone who wants a powdery, matte and conceal everything finish. Also, I would say for someone with oily skin, I wouldn’t put a cream blush on them. What tends to happen throughout the day is their makeup tends to spread. And if they get oily, they don’t just get oily on the T-zone. They get oily everywhere. I would steer clear of cream blush and I would do a stain on them instead. Benefit does beautiful cheek stains. They won’t budge throughout the day. If you want to set the makeup and make sure it’s not going anywhere, Urban Decay does a good setting spray. It’s really for oily or normal skin. I would not put it on mature or sensitive skin.”

Troubled/Sensitive Skin
“For someone with sensitive or acne prone skin, I would suggest they look into investing in a foundation that is “clean” beauty. Which is an entirely organic line, no parabens, or fillers, mineral makeup. Vapour Beauty does a beautiful organic foundation. The only downfall is that the long wear of the makeup doesn’t really compare to non-organic products. To set the makeup, I would use a loose mineralized foundation with a big fluffy brush to lightly go all over. If they want a lighter application, Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Face Powder is a great translucent powder you can use instead to lightly dust over skin to make sure the makeup is set without adding coverage.”

Dry/Mature Skin
“I usually forgo a primer, but someone with mature skin, I might use a primer to help cover fine lines or troubled areas. One that I like that’s silicon based is by Frankie Rose, Prime Addiction. I’ve used that one for a lot of red carpet events. For foundation, I like to use creamy foundations on dry or mature skin. And I would do a cream blush. Mac Cosmetics CremeBlush is one I love. They have been doing cream blushes since the nineties. I love that a little bit goes a long way and they offer so many different tones. For setting the makeup, I like to use rose water. Mario Badescu does an amazing rose water that has aloe in it. It adds hydration to the skin. Evian Mineral Water Spray is really great to set makeup with too for dry skin types since it will bring moisture back to the skin.”

-as told to BOND EN AVANT
Photographed by Amy Chang


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