crystal energyThe rain has finally cleared here in Los Angeles, and while the past few weeks have made this the wettest winter LA has seen in ten years (finally, we needed it), I am happy to see the sun, not only for my daily dose of Vitamin D and mental sanity, but because my crystals need charging. Yes, you heard me correctly – my crystals need charging.

Last night my two favorites, amethyst and scolecite, were cleansed in a glass tumbler filled with sea salt removing any energy they may have come into contact with before arriving at my door, and after rinsing, are now sitting in direct sunlight charging in preparation to be used as balancing and healing components.

If you would have told me weeks ago that I would be prepping crystals to be used for making gemstone elixirs, balancing chakra energies, or as tools for acupressure massages, let’s just say a large snort, eye-roll and scoff would have been my response.

But my dismissiveness, like most, stemmed from a place of ignorance. I mean, what do I really know about crystal energy? Um, nothing. I’d seen them around at my acupuncturist’s office and yoga studio, but paid no mind to what felt at the time was too New Age-y for me.

Yet, now here I am sleeping with crystals beneath my pillow, laying one on my third-eye before bed, and excitedly planning gemstone infused oil recipes all thanks to the Själ Skincare Elemental Energy Limited Edition Set that landed at my door.

The elegant crystal and gemstone introductory kit which includes Själ Skincare cofounder, Kristin Petrovich’s book Elemental Energy: Crystal & Gemstone Rituals For A Beautiful Life, four gemstones (amethyst, rose quartz, hematite and scolecite) and the Själ Skincare Kura Intuitif Intense Hydration Creme, has opened me to an energy based avenue Western science can’t yet explain, but finds its roots in Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and ancient Greek practices.

The argument for the healing properties of gemstone and crystal energy, which the book points out are billions of years old, comes from internal vibrations imbued during their formation. Alternative medicine practices believe these vibrations are what gives crystals and gemstones the ability to influence our own “qi” or “chi” – the energy flow throughout our bodies – and subsequent healing properties.


Geology 101: Crystals are formed when bubbling hot magma from the earth’s core pushes its way up to the crust, forming minerals that in turn form interlocking crystals. Within these stones are internal vibrations – or oscillations – from the back-and-forth motion of particles within the stones triggered by the pressure involved in their formation.

When I held and examined the four stones, as the book instructed, listening intuitively to the vibrational energies within ones I felt drawn to, I immediately felt a pull to the amethyst and scolecite stones. The black hematite felt too weighty, rose quartz too dense, but the lightness of amethyst and the color of scolecite held me. I quickly referenced the book’s stone index to learn the properties of each I had chosen.

Amethyst – purple in color, is believed to promote awareness, peacefulness and contentment, warding off negativity. Believed to help with tension headaches, eye strain, soothe itching and other skin irritants.

Scolecite – white in color, facilitates inner peace and spiritual transformation, helping you take control of your life. Known to promote circulation, help with insomnia and good for relaxing the skin.

For days I would just hold the stones, or set them on my desk while I worked. I flipped through the book (skipping the first section on cleansing and charging stones – oops) and rushed straight to the chapter on laying gemstones along the meridians (the seven chakras along the body where “qi” energy flows).

Before bed I laid the amethyst on my forehead, the scolecite on my chest and closed my eyes to meditate. I felt something. I don’t know what I was feeling, perhaps just the tranquility that comes from slowing down, tuning out electronics, and meditating, but the incorporation of crystal energy into my life has calmed me.

I went back to the beginning of Elemental Energy and this time read it from start to finish.

After a brief history of crystals, their meanings and instructions for cleansing/prepping the stones, the book cascades you with tips: how to build your crystal collection, recipes for room sprays, baths, tonics, at-home face masks, acupressure massages and meditative practices for clearing negative energy. Think of it as your stylish guide, stunning photos included, on how to incorporate the healing powers of crystals into a modern life for internal and external health and beauty. 

Below is a mind and spirit meditation excerpt from the book meant to clear out negative energy.

Mind & Spirit (Clearing Old Thought Patterns)

What we think as well as feel transfers to our physical body, which is why it’s important to clear old thought patterns and establish a direct link between our physical and spiritual selves. 

1. Lie down and place any blue stone (suggested: aquamarine, sodalite, lapis lazuli or blue lace agate) on the Throat chakra.

2. Place a sapphire or lapis lazuli on the Third Eye chakra.

3. Place an amethyst just above the Third Eye chakra.

4. Place a clear quartz two inches above your head (if the stone has a natural apex, point it away from the head.)

5. Place a dark grounding stone, such as tourmaline or hematite, on the groin, the hips and the Root chakra.

6. Breathe deeply into your lower body, focusing on your belly and sacrum. Think to yourself, “All negative thought patterns are being cleared away.”

For more on incorporating gemstones into your daily life for spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing, go to

Written by Amy Chang; Photographed by Alice Gao


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