If you have (or have had) eyelash extensions, you know the reasons why women shell out hundreds of dollars per year to look perennially doe-eyed. (For those who don’t know, a full set costs on average $150-$300, plus a little extra if you want mink or sable lashes, and requires a touchup every 4-6 weeks). Aside from saving you time getting ready in the morning, makeup-free activities, like swimming or working out, look a whole lot prettier with extensions. Long, thick lashes frame the eyes, open them up and radiate markers of fertility and health (aka attractiveness). So it’s no wonder eyelash extensions have become a beauty addiction for many women.

But like anything in life, there are always tradeoffs. The tediously applied extensions are glued on one at a time onto individual lashes, and can take around two hours to apply. The added weight of the extensions can cause stress to the natural follicles. Overtime, this can cause weakening and thinning from premature loss of lashes. Some lash professionals suggest “resting periods” of two to three months between every twelve months of continual wear, but Shiori Matsuyama of Los Angeles, CA based, MON CHÉRI Beauty (and my secret eyelash guru or not so secret anymore) says with proper care you can extend the wear and strengthen natural lashes eliminating the need for a resting period.

After getting my own lash extensions done with Shiori (who orders her lashes and glue exclusively from Japan), she recommended I use a strengthening lash serum and conditioning lash essence, both Japanese products.


Scalp-D BEAUTÉ Purefree Eyelash

What is it: Awarded the “Best Eyelash Serum” by Japan’s @Cosme The Best Cosmetics Awards in 2015, this clear serum-like gel encourages rapid growth and strengthening of the lashes. 

How it works: Three different kinds of peptides lengthen and maintain the growth phase of lashes, while ginseng root extract stimulates blood flow to the follicles, contributing to thicker and healthier lashes.

How to use: Line lash line and stroke in upward motion along lashes morning and night.

Why it’s great: The clear gel is good for sensitive eyes and made without: alcohol, fragrance, silicone, oil, artificial preservatives, artificial coloring and surfactants.

BEAUTE RROIR Eyebrow & Eyelash Essence

What is it: Created especially for eyelash extensions, this nutrient dense essence coats and moisturizes lashes (think conditioner for the lashes). It also can be used to nourish brows. 

How it works: Overtime eyelash extension glue becomes dry and breaks down. The BEAUTE RROIR works to hydrate and coat the lashes with strengthening collagen and peptides.

How to use: Apply after using Scalp-D BEAUTÉ, coating lashes morning and night. 

Why it’s great: The glossy essence noticeably prevents premature breakage and tangles.

Shiori also recommends following a few simple care steps to prolong the life of your extensions:

“Eyelash glue is not completely dry for a day, so it is best if you avoid water – going to the sauna, swimming, washing your hair  for at least 6 hours immediately after getting extensions.”

“Don’t rub your eyes and avoid touching lashes, as much as you can.”

“Avoid oil based cleansers. Use something like Koh Gen Doh’s oil-free cleansing wipes.”

“If you must wear mascara (though it should be avoided), use regular formulations that can be washed out with hot water. Do not use waterproof mascara that requires oil to remove.”

If you find yourself in LA, stop by to see Shiori. She’s offering a full set of mink or sable lashes (up to 200pc) for $80 or $95, respectively, right now. Tell her BOND EN AVANT sent you.

Shiori Matsuyama, by appointment only (213) 326 – 0346

-by Amy Chang
Main image source: @moncheri_beauty

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