My Favorite Makeup of 2019

makeup Looking back on 2019, I can confidently say it was the year I re-entered the makeup world and remembered how to apply eyeshadow! Not really by choice, more necessity I left full-face makeup, false lashes, and often — showers behind in 2018. I was postpartum and barely surviving that first year. But with Chloe walking, sleeping (thank, god!) and developing more independence (she’s now in daycare and loves it!) as the days go by, I have been able to return to makeup! My husband is thrilled. And so is the outside world. I’m sure my mailman was wondering who the disheveled, un-showered, bare faced homeless woman was collecting mail at our house every day.

Below are the makeup pieces I loved and reached for again, and again throughout 2019. And will most likely be reaching for well into the new decade – Hello, 2020!



I’ve rediscovered my love for foundation primer, thanks to Heir Atelier, but opted to make it a simple addition to my routine by mixing it with my beloved Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation. The two helped me get the kind of skin compliments I haven’t had in years. Along with ILIA True Skin Concealer and  Koh Gen Do Moisture Concealer .

Koh Gen Do also makes a Contour Powder I’m obsessed with! It unfortunately only works if you have fair skin, but is THE MOST NATURAL contouring powder I’ve ever used.

I’m a big blush girl. I like my cheeks poppin’ and bright, so Tower28 Happy Hour and Golden Hour were my faves. The brand is dedicated to creating products specifically designed for sensitive skin – love! – and their products are safe for eczema, rosacea or dermatitis prone skin types.


Kosas Cosmetics launched a line of water-based liquid eyeshadows that hit the mark! The formulations dry to a powder, do not crease, last all day, work well as eyeshadow bases, and come in an array of gorgeous colors! I used almost every day Globe and plan to from here until eternity.

Julep Beauty really surprised me with their eye products. Julep’s When Pencil Met Gel Eyelinercombines the ease of use of a pencil eyeliner with the glide and depth of a liquid liner. And for $12, you really can’t beat it!

Mascara was tricky for me this year. I ended up falling back in love with strip eyelash extensions — and discovered after much testing that drugstore brands KISS and Ardells are THE BEST — so I didn’t pay much attention to mascara. I just used whatever wasn’t crusty lying around. Oops.


I had a lot of fun with lip products in 2019! I jumped from lipsticks to glosses to balms and back again sometimes all in one day.

Kosas Cosmetics Lip Oil Glosses stole my heart, especially bright mauve Malibu and hydrating clear Jellyfish. No surprises there, Kosas just gets lip products — even basics like their hydrating tint free Baseline Lipfuel!

Koh Gen Do Lipstick in PK301 stole the title of the ‘perfect pink’ IMO. But no surprises I guess since they are known for gorgeous ‘no makeup, makeup.’

And while a little slippery, I did find myself quite smitten with Flesh Beauty’s Hot Sauce lip gloss! If you like lipgloss that isn’t sticky, and has a wet look to it, this one will satisfy you.