10 Foundation Application Tips For Flawlessness Every Time


It’s hard not to gush over the near perfect makeup of celebrities in magazines and models on the runway.  But let’s keep it real, those girls get their makeup done by the pros a la the Kardashian clan’s full on styling team. For us mere mortals, self application will have to do. But it doesn’t have to be a dire situation. With these foundation application tips from professional makeup artist, Jennifer Nguyen, you too will look blended and flawless.

1 – “To minimize any rough texture make sure to use a serum when prepping skin to smooth the texture and then follow up with a primer. Charlotte Tilbury’s primer is fantastic, as is Bobbi Brown’s moisturizer and primer in one if you like to streamline your products.”

2 – “You use less product when applying foundation with a brush and the product won’t separate from the oils on your fingers. I love the Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush for application. The density and round shape blends product beautifully.”

3 – “If you have mature, dry, or wrinkled skin, using a sponge will pack the product on and look cake-y, settling into any texture. Best to use a brush. It will lay the product on smoother.”

4 – “Synthetic hair brushes work best for liquids and creams. Leave natural hair brushes for powders.”

5 – “Beauty Blenders are best to use when you want that HD, flawless Instagram look since they give a medium to full coverage look. And by adding a few drops of face oil to your Beauty Blender it helps to control the consistency of the foundation for smoothness. ”

6 – “Finger application and blending is best for full coverage foundations where a little product goes a long way.”

7 – “No matter which method you use, always dab when you apply the foundation on at first, then buff out in circular motions (this blends into any texture), and lastly swipe lightly to sheer out.”

8 – “Swirl your brush as you blend. This creates an airbrush effect and minimizes the look of pores.”

9 – “Since the neck gets the least amount of sunlight it’s usually lighter than the face. And it’s important to blend the foundation in a V shape down the neck for a seamless look.”

10 – “Always buy the matching powder foundation color to go with your liquid foundation. That way you can touch up later on. The powder will absorb excess oil and blend out any wear.”

-by Amy Chang
Image source: Vogue Japan, 2011