Bovine Colostrum Face Cream – Great For Sensitive, Dry Skin

gaelle organic review

New and exciting skincare ingredients are what I live for! They breathe life into my beauty blogger existence when I’m near comatose from being sent yet another face oil. So you can imagine my excitement when new organic skincare line, Gaelle Organic, popped into my inbox and I discovered after reviewing their ingredient deck that two of their products contain bovine colostrum (aka cow colostrum); an ingredient I’ve never seen in skincare before.

I tested out the Gaelle Organic Ultra Sensitive Creme which contains bovine colostrum, but before I get into my full review, read on for more about what colostrum is and the skin benefits it may have.


What is colostrum

Now, as a new mother, I of course know of colostrum; the yellow, thick liquid produced by a mother’s mammary glands at the end of pregnancy to nourish their newborn baby for the first 1-3 days of life before the breastmilk comes in (American Academy of Pediatrics).

This “super milk” contains very high amounts of protein and carbohydrates to nourish the baby. It also contains extremely large amounts of secretory immunoglobulin (IgA) antibodies to help protect the mucous membranes in the baby’s throat, lunges and intestines. And initiate the production of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract setting the stage for a healthy gut microbiome – extremely important – since the bacteria in the gut microbiome helps regulate our brain health, immune system, ability to digest and absorb nutrients and more (

But I wondered… what can bovine colostrum do for the skin?

Skin benefits

Bovine colostrum is very similar in makeup to human colostrum. It has many of the same anti-inflammatory and healing benefits, and has been found when applied topically to speed wound healing and reduce inflammation. In a 2015 study published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, researchers found that using bovine colostrum powder dressings for deep burns sped up wound healing. The cells and growth factors in colostrum promoted a greater reduction in inflammatory cells and supported healthy cell tissue repair of skin, muscle, cartilage and bone.


gaelle organic review

gaelle organic review

Product: Gaelle Organic Ultra Sensitive Moisturizing Creme

Best for: Sensitive, inflamed (dermatitis), mature, dehydrated skin – great winter moisturizer!

Skin type: Normal to dry

Review: This moisturizer really surprised me. Within the first week, it soothed my persistently red nostrils and dry chin area. And after applying it at night, I would awake to soft, hydrated skin, which must be the soothing ingredients (bovine colostrum, jojoba and edelweiss extract) at work. Bovine colostrum for the above mentioned healing benefits, and edelweiss for its super healing antioxidant properties able to soothe delicate skin.

If you have very dry, irritated skin, this moisturizer is a gift from above, or if you’re someone who suffers from seasonal dryness when heaters are running high, I would highly recommend this moisturizer.

Now, I was a little nervous about the bovine colostrum and the ethics around using such an ingredient, but the founder was kind enough to answer my questions and soothe my worries with her diligence and thoughtfulness with the ingredient.

When asked about how she sources her bovine colostrum, here’s what she had to say:

“Colostrum is collected during the first milking within 6 to 8 hours after a cow gives birth. That’s when it contains the hormones, immunoglobins and other biologically active substances that make it so beneficial in healing and anti-aging. After that time, colostrum gradually transitions into whole milk.

A calf must receive about 2 quarts of colostrum to support its development as a healthy and productive animal, so at least this amount is usually hand-fed to the calf in a nursing bottle – dairy farmers always ensure that their calves receive ample amounts of colostrum.

The average amount of colostrum that can be collected from a mature Holstein cow in the first milking is approximately 9.5 quarts.  It is important to ensure it is tested to be free of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, gluten and GMOs, and that it is processed by low-temperature spray drying to preserve its bioactivity.”

And her answer to my question “why did you choose this ingredient” was very interesting also:

“I have used colostrum for years to help people with troublesome skin conditions. One person had severe psoriasis that caused bleeding and prevented him from being able to rest his elbows on a table – ever! He had been treated with the entire battery of chemical interventions, to no avail. A colostrum poultice gave him immediate relief. I’ve even had similar results with children’s rashes, and acne that was in danger of causing scarring. When I came to formulate Ultra Sensitive Crème, colostrum was front and center! Of course, we do not make any medical claims for our products, in compliance with government regulations. And colostrum did not cure my friend’s psoriasis. It simply gave him relief from its symptoms so long as he kept using it – like nothing else ever did. These days, he uses Ultra Sensitive Crème instead of the poultice.”

Overall, I really like this moisturizer and feel it is great for sensitive, irritated skin like mine. I like to use it mixed with a dollop of the Biologique Recherche Mask Vernix when my perioral dermatitis is flaring up or if my skin feels irritated from testing a new product #bloggerlife.

gaelle organic review

Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Safflower Seed Oil* and/or Sunflower Seed Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Sesame Seed Oil*, Olive Fruit Oil*, Bovine Colostrum Powder, Beeswax*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Glycerin, Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate, Roman Chamomile Flower Oil*, Edelweiss Flower/Leaf Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract * Ingredients from organic farming

Texture: This cream has a very decadent and rich texture from the blend of waxes and butters (shea and beeswax), similar to the Therapi Propolis Cream I love, but with this one you can feel the oil slip to it. There’s even a slight bit of oil that settles to the top of the cream from sitting. It. Is. Rich. people so watch out and use sparingly.

Scent: The scent of safflower oil is the most prominent, but there’s a hint of herbal earthiness to this moisturizer. It’s not overpowering and fades with wear.

Tip: Be sure not to apply too much at once least you create a heavy glisten to your skin. A small dab is enough to cover the whole face. A larger dab if you want to hydrate your neck and décolleté as well.

Available here. (Use code bondenavant for 20% off your purchase!)

Written and photographed by Amy Chang

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