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Alexandra Soveral’s approach to stopping wrinkles in their tracks combines deft, strong hands, intense facial massaging, lymphatic drainage, and her own line of organic, hand blended face oils made from ingredients grown on her family farm in Portugal. No botox needed here. 

The now London-based skincare expert has become one of the most highly sought after facialists with waiting lists at her Maida Vale, London spa and annual New York City and Los Angeles pop-up clinics. And it’s easy to see why. Alexandra’s knowledge of biochemistry, anatomy and aromatherapy (the study of using oils for psychological and physical well-being) has brought forth a highly efficacious organic skincare line beauty editors and regular women alike can’t get enough of.

We reached out to this in-demand skincare expert to learn more about how she cares for her skin on a daily basis. Read on for Alexandra Soveral’s morning beauty routine.

“The way I approach beauty and skincare is that I see it as an extension of my health care. Everything I do to care for my skin is caring for my health.

Upon waking up in the morning, almost before opening my eyes I reach for my brushes. Firstly using a hard brush on the soles of my feet and then with the two Soveral Face Brushes, I brush my face and neck with upward and outward movements.

Before I have breakfast, or finish my morning skincare routine, I always make time for my dance aerobics – an exercise routine I came up with. I have a playlist of my top ten dance tunes of all time – and then for half an hour I dance like nobody is watching, usually in front of a mirror so I can laugh at my own silliness.

To finish my morning routine, I wash my face with Awaken Cleanser and then do a quick facial massage with Forever Young Facial Oil. This would be my desert island product, as it has all the fatty acids needed in it to build good healthy skin. When I set out creating this oil I wanted a product full of active antioxidants and skin regenerators to help protect the outer layer of skin, combined with the blend of essential oils that have a small molecular size allowing them to penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate the detoxification and regeneration of the skin.

Before leaving the house to go to our clinic in Maida Vale, London or our manufacturing lab which is round the corner, I have a breakfast of one slice of seeded rye bread with two poached egg, blanched spinach and chili oil.

After a full day of seeing clients or working in our lab on new products, I make sure I have a balanced dinner and then relax in the evening either reading the New Scientist or listening to BBC Radio Four’s Desert Island discs, which I have recently become addicted to.

Before bed every night I make sure I meditate for ten to twenty minutes with Angel Balm on. Massage is so important for the skin and something I tell all my clients to do. It is so vital when you massage your face to make your skin rosy, which brings blood circulation to the surface along with all the nutrients to build collagen and at the same time taking away all the toxins. This time before bed by myself is crucial to my evening routine, as I massage the Angel Balm into my face I inhale the Geranium scent which balances the skin and mind ensuring a good night’s sleep, and hopefully allowing my body to fully repair.” 


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as told to BOND EN AVANT; Image source: Sustain The Glow


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