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When you eat shredded cabbage (I guess, if you eat…) only a percentage of its micronutrients are absorbed by your body based on its “bioavailability.” But studies have found, like this one published in the American Society for Nutrition, if you ferment that same shredded cabbage, you increase the bioavailability allowing your body to absorb more of its vitamins and minerals. This is one of the reasons why fermented foods, such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurt have established themselves as health foods in addition to their probiotic digestive benefits.

Okay, so yes, probiotics and fermented foods are good for you, not really ground breaking we know. BUT what if you took “superfoods,” like chia seeds, quinoa, green tea, and turmeric to name a few and fermented them making their nutrients more bioavailable?! (Is your mind blown..?!) That genius is at the core of Carla Oates Australian wellness brand, The Beauty Chef, and her line of fermented and dried superfood beauty powders.

Obsessed with her brand may be an understatement. So obviously, we had to reach out to learn The Beauty Chef founder and Goodwill Ambassador of Australian Organic‘s morning routine for maintaining her glow. 

“I’m naturally an early riser; I’m up before 6am most days. When I get up, I drink GLOW Inner Beauty Powder with purified water and a splash of lemon juice. Water is the best and easiest way to flush your system of toxins, bring oxygen and nutrients to skin cells and hydrate the skin (think prune compared to a plum). The laco-fermented super foods found in the GLOW powder are easily soaked up by the body and skin; It’s an anti-oxidant packed multi-vitamin, prebiotic and probiotic in one, which helps to balance gut health on the inside and promotes glowing skin on the outside.

I live on Sydney’s Bondi Beach so I start my day with a walk or run along the beach. I love walking in the morning, stretching, breathing in the ocean air and soaking up the negative ions, it tends to help get rid of any busyness in my mind. I can walk it out and then towards the end of the walk, I find I’m thinking very positively, constructively and calmly! 

When I get back home I have a shower. I believe it is especially important to opt for green and toxic-free shower products as heat and water can facilitate absorption of chemicals into the body. I use coconut oil to wash my body as it’s brilliant at lifting dirt, is anti-bacterial and rich in skin loving fatty acids.  It also is super moisturizing! I cleanse my face with coconut oil too, followed by my own Probiotic Skin Refiner and a moisturizer, which I make myself. Then I liberally apply my go-to beauty product Beauty Fix Balm on my lips and around my eyes; The balm contains my favorite ingredient, fermented coconut water, which is rich in amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals!

 Then I get the kids up and make a healthy breakfast. I can’t stress how important eating breakfast is! Skipping breakfast is actually associated with an increased prevalence of obesity, and not eating regularly can have a negative impact on your metabolism. Breakfast is usually eggs in some form, with mushrooms, tomatoes and salmon or a quinoa, buckwheat, almond milk, miso, apple and maple syrup porridge.

I’m a ritualistic tea drinker too – so all through this process, I love sipping on tea.”

-as told to BOND EN AVANT; Image source: The Beauty Chef

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