If you have yet to try a detox bath from Shannon Vaughn’s clean beauty brand, Pursoma, you do not know what you are missing. French grey sea salt, green clay, and wild-harvested seaweed sourced from the coasts of Brittany are just a few of the ingredients to make their way into these cleansing treatments. The combination of salt, to open up the pores and force the body to sweat, with clay, a magnet absorber of toxins released from the body, makes an evening bath healing and almost spiritual. Pursoma recommends (and we highly suggest you don’t skip) finishing the experience by wrapping oneself in a towel and crawling beneath a warm blanket for thirty minutes to allow the body to continue relaxing and sweating. To say you’ll feel reborn is an understatement.

After falling for Pursoma’s bath detoxes, we reached out to the wellness brand founder, former Ford model, AND former Georgetown medical student, to she if she would share with us a glimpse into her morning beauty routine. Read on for how she cares for her skin on the inside and out.

“On a typical day in the summer I exercise first thing. Then I make a very oil and collagen rich smoothie with fresh fruits, coconut water, Health Force powders like Vitamineral Green and Truly Natural Vitamin C, and collagen powder.

In the winter I might start my day with homemade bone broth. My baby drinks it, so I do too. If I want something heavier, I eat a real meal, usually a hearty breakfast bowl with poached egg over fresh greens, quinoa, sweet potatoes and avocados. I love topping it with Bragg’s Healthy Vinaigrette.

I really believe that hydrating topically and internally is so important. So I make a point to drink three liters of water per day. I add liquid chlorophyll to one of my liters of water because chlorophyll improves detoxification by speeding up waste elimination and balancing fluid levels, which benefits the metabolism. And I usually bathe 4 – 5 times per week and make sure I sweat a lot with very hot water and mineral rich ingredients like our Resurrection Bath. It’s a great detox bath for at night: I always wake up the next morning with glowing skin and a pound or two lighter!

I would say overall I am much more focused on skincare than makeup. I find that glowing beautiful skin is a woman’s best palette. All of my skin care is lined up along my bathroom counter because I like to see everything I am using. I have my supplements and skincare together which ensures I take the supplements every day.  I use the line of Osmosis Skin Care products that my aesthetician, Adrienne Shostak, recommended, it’s oncology friendly and very restorative.

I also was recently introduced to the owner of Patyka who has an amazing story about his Parisian beauty brand. I use the body/face oil which is all natural.  What I love about it is that it absorbs very quickly because for daytime I need a quick absorbing oil that won’t stain my clothes.

I don’t wear make up on my face and I am allergic to mascara, so I tend to focus on eye brows and lips and cheeks; both from Ilia Beauty and Vapour Organic Beauty. Both lines are fresh, natural and have beautiful colors.

I recently cut out coffee (except on Sundays). I didn’t drink coffee for 4 years and had so much more clarity and focus throughout the day. It’s such a fake focuser. Coffee gets you laser-focused for an hour or so and then CRASH!  So after I recovered from having a new baby, I quit coffee again. I went back to green tea and I love it. I drink a green tea from Aroyga and alternate with KUSMI BB Detox Tea.  I make it in a Bodum Pot and what I don’t drink in the morning, I stick in the fridge to have for late afternoon iced tea.”

-as told to BOND EN AVANT
Image source: Pursoma


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