While we may not be able to jaunt off to the quaint Austrian village of Bezau to revel in our dream spa at The Hotel Post anytime soon (though, it’s still on our ‘must see/do’ spa list), we can get a little taste of the lush Bregenzer Forest it’s nestled in through the spa’s natural skincare line – Susanne Kaufmann Organic Treats. The founder, Susanne Kaufmann, owns and runs the hotel and spa, which has been in her family for six generations and gave rise to her eponymous skincare line in 2003. With an ever expanding loyal following, the line now includes over seventy skincare and haircare items and is sold throughout Europe, Asia and via Net-a-Porter and Violet Grey here in the states. (We personally love the line’s Enzyme Peel perfect for frail, thin, reactive skin – aka our current nightmare). To learn a little more about how Susanne maintains healthy skin (while running a hotel, spa, and raising two kids), we reached out to learn about her morning beauty routine. 

“I love spending time out in the fresh air in the beautiful Bregenzer forest. I was born and grew up here and am very attached to nature.”

“My time in the morning is most important to me. I wake up at 7 to get my kids out of bed. To set a mood, my kids start playing some music. Every day one of them decides which music we have to listen to, one day it’s ACDC the next day it’s country music. Then we have breakfast all together. I have my warm oat muesli with chia seeds, coconut oil and oat milk. The chia seeds are a great protein donor and the coconut oil is my personal superfood. I add one spoon to my cereals every morning. It´s great for hair, skin, brain and our joints. Besides the muesli, I have a vitamin juice with ingredients from the Bregenzer Forest, such as beetroot, spinach, carrots and apple. I also drink a lot of tea in the morning – I prefer our own Acid Alkalizing Tea.

After my kids are in school I have one hour just for me where I do any kind of sport activities, such as running and biking because I love spending time out in the fresh air in the beautiful Bregenzer Forest. I was born and grew up here and am very attached to nature. I love the clean and fresh air with less pollution. And the people here at Bregenzer Wald have the commitment to tradition and the “down to earth quality.” When it is rainy outside I love to exercise in the fitness room of our Hotel Post Bezau or I do yoga and pilates with our fitness coach Kathleen Kloss from Berlin.

When I’m done, my beauty routine starts. First I use the Cleansing Milk, then the Tonic Soothing to get my face clean. Next I apply the Eye Cream Line A, which rapidly absorbs and can be used under make up, and the advanced anti aging day cream which is a new product we offer. It includes SPF 15 and is perfect for a day where I am mainly in the office. When I have to work late in the hotel and don’t get enough sleep, I sometimes put a thick layer of the Eye Cream Line A around my eyes. It fights against early aging and the cream is also amazing for using as a masque for swollen eyes. This is one of my personal beauty secrets. Once per week I apply the Enzyme Peel which contains mild fruit acids for exfoliation and after I’ll use our Lifting Mask Line A, which fights against early aging and gives you a freshness kick for the moment! When I have really dry skin I use our Body Butter with one of our oils when I need nourishing care.

While having my morning routine I always drink one liter of fresh water. While in the office I try to drink as much as possible throughout the day, preferably our Refreshing Tea or again the Acid Alkalizing tea of Susanne Kaufmann organic treats.”

-as told to BOND EN AVANT
Image source: Susanne Kaufmann

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