goop x CB2 Launches Lifestyle Home Line

goop meditation pillow

It’s hard to deny how much I love all things goop. The sophisticated wellness content, and beautifully curated online store just get me and my southern California ways. So, when I heard that goop was partnering with CB2 to launch limited edition home furnishings, I was ecstatic! Each item feels like a piece out of the Royal Tenenbaum movie with a feminine twist. There’s whimsy in the  dinnerware collection patterns and luxe feminine fabrics, like the pink velvet sofa. It’s hard not to covet everything. I’m crushing hard on each piece. To announce the launch, the brand sent me their mediation pillow set to review and unsurprisingly I’ve fallen head-over-heels for it. The meditation duo is really everything you would want from a meditation pillow set: vegan, comfortable, plush, looks good in any room and somehow manages to get me to actually mediate. Read on for my review, and check out the full goop x CB2 collection here

goop meditation

Product: goop x CB2 Meditation Pillow Set

Best for: Meditating, floor seating decor

Review: My Portland hippie/amateur Buddhist/outdoor loving parents tried getting me into meditating over the years, but it never stuck. The potpourri incense they burned and chanting monk music they played never resonated with me. But that’s not to say I never tried. I did. I even purchased a mediation blanket and bench upon their encouragement, which has now collected dust in a back corner of my room.

But recently, I’ve gotten really into meditation in part due to the goop x CB2 Meditation Pillow Set that was gifted to me to announce the launch of goop x CB2’s home collection. The oversized, plush base just felt right under my weight. The small, round seat meant to be placed a top seemed to support my lower back just right. I found myself wanting to sit on it, wanting to meditate.

Yes, you can mediate anywhere and seated on anything, but the true purpose of a meditation pillow like this one is for proper spinal alignment. With the knees at a tilt below the pelvis, this allows your body to sink into relaxation while maintaining proper posture for supported breath.

The small Zafu pillow has a heavy, bean bag feel and contains buckwheat hulls whose 3D structure does not compact allowing air to flow through. Meaning: the pillow wont stifle with heat and moisture while sitting atop it. The larger Sedona pillow, meant to be the base, is made from Kapok fibers from the Kapok tree; a great alternative to down pillows since kapok is similar in feel to down feathers but from a plant source.

I really love this meditation pillow set and find myself meditating on it a few times a week. It’s too large to put away, like the meditation bench I never use, thus it sits out as a constant beautiful reminder to meditate.

While a little pricey, the organic, vegan materials make this item worth it.

Available here.

by Amy Chang