Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Luminizing Drops Review


Is there anything more enviable than dewy, radiant skin? It’s simply mesmerizing. We’ve all been at that _____ (holiday work party, charity event, happy hour) where in walks the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen. Her skin shines like a beacon attracting all eyes in the room and you can’t help but wonder – what highlighter is she using? what skincare? how does she get that glow?

If I had my guess, I’d say she’s using Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Luminizing Drops, which has been on my “I’m Obsessed With” list for weeks, months, YEARS. (Okay, fine. Maybe just months. I did only just receive the highlighting trio from Algenist in October…but it feels like I’ve been obsessing over them for years.)

The liquid highlighters all contain AlgaCorrecting Complex; basically, a fancy word that means they correct skin blotchiness, while diffusing light to give an illuminated, even glow. And the brand’s signature ingredient, Alguronic Acid, works simultaneously to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Of the three silky shades Pearl is my FAVORITE, but each tone offers a different look.


Best for: A golden glow and to channel your inner J.Lo

Recommended use: Apply to the high points of the face on bare skin or mix a few drops into your moisturizer/serum for an all over subtle golden glow. Best for use on top of foundation. If you use this below your foundation it will get lost. 

What’s to love: Great for a very natural look either on bare skin or on top of makeup.


Best for: A subtle feminine flush

Recommended use: Apply on the cheekbones only for a subtle blush and highlight on top of foundation. Too pinky to apply to other high planes of the face, like forehead and chin. 

What’s to love: If you want a subtle blush and highlight in one, this is your perfect duo product. Best on bare skin.


Best for: Mega watt shine

Recommended use: Apply to the high planes of the face below foundation. (It will look like your skin is glowing from within!)

What’s to love: Great for below makeup for a bright, natural shine and can be used on all high planes of the face. A little too intense when used on top of foundation. I prefer using this liquid below foundation and then if I want to up the ante I’ll apply a little cream highlighter on top for added, but still pretty (not scary) brightness.

(From top to bottom: Pearl, Rose, Champagne)

If you’re curious about highlighter application tips from the pros, read this interview with celebrity makeup artist, Meg O’Hare. She’s the one who first told me about applying liquid highlighter under foundation to make it look like your glow is coming from the skin through your makeup. She shares other little known tips you will definitely want to check out.

-by Amy Chang
Photographed by author