Over the last decade technology has improved many aspects of our lives: how we connect with loved ones, our shopping experiences and ability to access information. But now, the latest tech offering wants to enter our bathrooms and reshape our beauty experience with HiMirror.

What does HiMirror do?
-Tracks through facial imaging users’ skin improvements over time by rating the following complexion aspects – dark under eye circles, redness, visible pores, wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

-Users can input their current skincare products by scanning the barcodes and see if the products are helping or worsening their skin concerns.

-Accessories like the Smart Body Scale and HiMirror App help users track their weight, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, body fat percentage, water weight and bone density.

-All recorded data is graphed and synced with the app.


At a recent product launch event here in Los Angeles at EDEN by Eden Sasson, I got to experience HiMirror firsthand. Standing in front of the HiMirror as it scanned my face I waited anxiously for judgement day. (I imagined this is what beauty queens must feel like standing there, being assessed, waiting for your rating to come back, wondering if its worse or better than your inner critic has imagined it to be.)

After fifteen seconds or so, my results were in. Each complexion category was given a percentage out of 100. The lower the number the worse the assessment. A final overall score was given averaging out the ratings. I got a 76% – a C! Ugh. I’m not sure I’m ready to be ranked every morning…even if it does track my skin’s progress or decline.

As I sulked over my score, a brand rep from HiMirror explained the company’s future hopes to offer product reviews, the ability to purchase products instantly, and advertisements on the device. (Just what we need, more advertisements, I mused…)

The touch less device scrolls through the settings by moving your hand in swiping motions left to right, or up and down. The sensor needs some improvement. I tried swiping multiple times and was unable to get the track to scroll to the right setting. But I assume, like anything, the first generation will always have kinks.

HiMirror is an interesting concept. And for those who love data and analytics to make sense of their world, it’s a great product for you. As for myself, when it comes to health and beauty, I’m not sure I’ll be bringing it into my bathroom anytime soon. What I crave as a woman from beauty is ritual, experience and indulgence. HiMirror removes all of these elements and reduces the act of skincare and beauty to statistics. It feels void of self care and a bit transactional.

www.himirror.com, $189

-by Amy Chang
Image source: Elizabeth Messina, HiMirror

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