For the coworker who makes each day lighter and fun,
And understands trying to make it when you’re young.
Give them a little something to make them cheer,
“That’s right, we started from the bottom, now we here!”

Moon Dust Sachet Sampler
Power through the work day with these Moon Dust packets. Mix Brain Dust, Spirit Dust or Power Dust (Sex Dust may not be appropriate for the office, but you can always take it home with you…), into your nut milk, tea, coffee, smoothies or water for a boost of herbs, adaptogenic plants and bioactive minerals. Early morning meetings may never be the same. www.moonjuiceshop.com, $30


momijidollsMomiji Dolls
These cute collectible Japanese dolls contain hidden notes for secret messages. Give one to your cubicle mate in the trenches with you as a little reminder you’re in this together. lovemomiji.com, $21.95 – $54.95



Daily Harvest Subscription
Remember instant cup noodles? Yah, these are much better and healthier. This subscription based delivery service offers nutritionist formulated, artisanal soups and superfood smoothies in 14 different blends; The perfect meal alternative when you’re in the weeds chained to your desk. daily-harvest.com, $6.99-7.99 per smoothie/soup



Soup Cleanse Cookbook
Nothing derails a healthy eating plan faster than an office wide email, subject line: Christmas cookies in the break room. But once the holidays are over, get back on track with the Soup Cleanse Cookbook. It’s cleansing, but without the torture juice cleanses inflict; we promise. www.barnesandnoble.com, $10.19



Club W
For your coworker, or maybe just for yourself. A monthly membership to Club W means four bottles of wine, curated based on your palette preferences and delivered to your door. Because sometimes at the end of a rough day, wine is the only answer. clubw.com, $52

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