We searched high and low to bring you the best international skincare products. 

World Moisturize


For the ultimate in freshness opt for the Vital Foaming Cleanser from natural botanical  Danish brand, Nuori (products are made in 12 week batches and no product sits on the shelf for longer than 12 weeks). Made with pomegranate enzymes and radish root extract, dead skin will be sloughed away, while oat kernel soothes redness and irritation. 

www.shenbeauty.com, Nuori Vital Foaming Cleanser 100mL – $35


Zelens Stem Complex comes with a hefty price tag, but goes hand-in-hand with amazing results. Founded by renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Marko Lens (Harvand and Oxford grad), this anti-aging powerhouse brings together three types of peptides to prevent premature aging, while time-released hyaluronic acid gets delivered consistently to skin, so skin stays hydrated throughout the night. 

www.zelens.com, Stem Complex Rejuvenating Overnight Treatment 50mL – $315


Peptides are vital if you’re concerned with anti-aging (They penetrate skin to improve collagen function), which is why we recommend reaching for organic brand, M Picaut’s aptly named Skin Perfect Moisturizer to address your aging concerns. The beautifully textured cream comes in an air-less pump container and according to natural beauty expert, Dara Kennedy of Ayla Beauty, “has been proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles by an astounding 45% after two months.” 

www.aylabeauty.com, M Picaut Skin Perfect Moisturizer 50mL – $95

South Korea

From the land of the infamous 10-step beauty routine, now comes the all-in-one product from Korea’s hippest new brand, Too Cool For School. Their best selling Egg Mellow Cream works as a serum, moisturizer, eye cream, neck cream and sleeping mask all in one; and uses egg yolk extracts and omega oil to infuse the skin with intense moisture and firming collagen. 

www.sephora.com, Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Cream 1.76oz – $36

World - Treat


We’re obsessing over Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Ampoules. Made with the purest concentration of short and long-chain hyaluronic acid, the watery gel-like concentrate is able to penetrate deep within the skin reducing fine lines, inflammation, and boosting hydration. 

www.net-a-porter.com, Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules 7 x 2ml – $215


From the lush Alpine forest in Austria comes Susanne Kaufmann’s organic, locally produced and eco-conscious skincare collection. Of her more than seventy piece line, her Enzymepeeling Enzyme Peel has use smitten. The gentle exfoliant is pleasing to even the most sensitive, dehydrated skin, revealing a brighter complexion without the hint of redness or irritation. Perfect for thin, frail, reactive skin in need of refreshing.

www.net-a-porter.com, Susanne Kaufmann Enzympeeling Enzyme Peel 50ml – $73


While the current trend has moved to Asia, one brand in particular has continued to quietly lead the charge in Parisian skincare and recently launched one of our favorite new products –  Darphin’s Stimulskin Plus Multi-Corrective Divine Serumask. The rich, silky texture massages deeply into the skin nourishing with marine seaweed. We love using it as an overnight mask and awaking to supple, firm skin.

www.darphin.com, Darphin Stimulskin Plus Multi-Corrective Divine Serumask 50mL – $180


Australia’s Lano Lanolin 101 Ointment is the end all be all for regaining those soft, plump baby lips of years gone by. This multipurpose balm contains 100% natural lanolin (sourced from sheep’s wool) which mimics human skin lipids and holds in two times its weight in moisture. Basically, the best lip treatment we’ve used …ever.

www.ulta.com, Lano Lanolin 101 Ointment Strawberry Multi-Balm – $13.50

-by Amy Chang
Image Source: Brands 


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