Juice Beauty Green Apple – Brightening Line – Review

juice beauty green apple review

If you’re a fan of green beauty, then you know about Juice Beauty. They were one of the first green beauty brands launching in 2005 back wayyyyyy before it was trendy to be green.

At their core, the brand utilizes organic fruit juices that are naturally high in vitamin c, fruit stem cells, peptides and natural essential oils. A lot of brands will eschew using fruit juices (or floral waters) and opt for water instead, but water acts as a filler and can actually leech moisture out of the skin!

I love that this line doesn’t use water as a filler, focuses on pure, clean ingredients and is mindful of those with sensitive skin.

Now, their Green Apple line made for brightening, refining and anti-aging is not recommended by the brand for sensitive skin, but I found a few ways to enjoy this line and see its benefits in spite of my uber reactive/sensitive skin. The key: only use one of these products at a time. Using the entire line would be just asking for your sensitive skin to explode. If you’re super sensitive and want to start out slow, I suggest going for the cleanser since it is a wash off product and the ingredients aren’t sitting on the skin. If you can tolerate the cleanser, then try incorporating the essence, but stop there. Or, just go for the moisturizer without the other two and call it a day.

That’s how I made these really beautiful products work for me and my sensitive skin! Read the full review of the line below.

juice beauty green apple review

Product: Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser

Best for: Sensitive skin types looking for a gentle way to brighten/exfoliate skin

Skin type: All skin types

Review: I love this cleanser! It easily foams and washes away makeup. Though, if you’re wearing makeup, I do highly suggest you do a double cleanse to wash off the makeup and then cleanse the skin.

After the second use, I noticed brightening and evening of my skin right away. The blend of citrus extracts helps to naturally encourage cell turnover, lighten pigment and provide astringent properties.

Unfortunately, I can’t use this product anymore now that I’m pregnant because it does contain the vitamin A derivative – retinyl palmitate – which pregnant/breast feeding women are advised to avoid because of the potential teratogenic effects.

But if you’re NOT pregnant or breast feeding, and you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend you try this cleanser for brightening! The brand says this line of products is not for sensitive skin, but I have very reactive skin and it was able to tolerate this cleanser. Retinyl palmitate is the gentlest vitamin A derivative. The body has to convert retinyl palmitate into retinol and then convert it into retin a for the body to use it, which means it’s gentler on the skin, but the benefits are slower to appear.

Texture: Gel that easily foams

Scent: Strong citrus scent

Tip: If you have sensitive skin, you can use this cleanser 2-3x per week and still see great brightening results! Just make sure to only use this cleanser. I don’t think sensitive skin types would be able to handle using multiple products from this line at once.

Available here.


juice beauty green apple review

Product: Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Essence

Best for: Combating redness, gentle pore refiner

Skin type: All skin types

Review: First off, you know that a toner or mist is high quality when the first ingredients are aloe, floral waters or fruit juices, like this one by Juice Beauty! (Those that list water are less hydrating since applying water to the skin can actually draw moisture out of the skin!?)

I love the slight gel consistency of this essence. The soothing aloe, green tea, cucumber and hyaluronic acid offset the brightening, astringent properties of the fruit extracts. But it’s the licorice root that gives the big boost of brightening by inhibiting melanin formation.

Again, I have sensitive skin and I found this toner to be fine with my skin. I did notice a few little breakouts appear from the exfoliation initially, but this subsided with use.

Texture: This toner has a watery-serum texture that’s thicker than most toners.

Scent: Strong citrus and herbal scent

Tip: This is a great brightening product to use if you’re pregnant or breast feeding! They’re no vitamin A derivatives here, so it’s safe to use!

Available here.


juice beauty green apple review

Product: Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Serum

Best for: 30s+ looking for anti-aging/ not for sensitive skin

Skin type: All skin types

Review: I found this to be the strongest brightener of the entire line and not a product I would recommend for sensitive skin. While it does have reparative and healing primrose oil in it, I found the astringent citrus ingredients to be stronger in this product.

This is also not safe for pregnant/breast feeding women since it contains retinal palmitate.

I recommend this product for someone who has resilient skin that can tolerate using acids and is used to retinol.

Texture: Milky, watery serum that absorbs clear

Scent: Mild fruity, floral scent. Very pleasing.

Tip: Some people take breaks from using prescription strength retin A and this would be a nice serum to use during the off period.

Available here.


juice beauty green apple review

Product: Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer

Best for: 30s+ looking to brighten, refine and anti-age and prevent breakouts – safe for sensitive skin

Skin type: All skin types

Review: I really love this moisturizer! I wish that I could use it, but alas it has vitamin A in it. The creamy texture seals in hydration all day long with anti-inflammatory organic shea butter and jojoba seed oil. Reparative avocado oil rich in omegas and primrose oil heal the skin. You’ll also get subtle pore refining and unclogging with this moisturizer from the willow bark extract (salicylic acid).

Texture: Creamy lotion

Scent: Subtle citrus, fruity and floral. Very pleasing.

Tip: With sensitive skin, the key is to only use one of these products at a time. So, when I would use this moisturizer, I wouldn’t use the other products. Using the whole line in entirety would be too much for sensitive skin, but by using just one – you’ll get the benefits without over stressing the skin.

Available here.

Photographed and written by Amy Chang, founder + editor