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Luxury green beauty may be new to you and me but Julie Elliott has been creating products in this space since 1999 with her line of earthy apothecary skincare, In Fiore. The beautifully crafted San Francisco based brand incorporates the healing powers of scent, essential oils and Japanese techniques, such their signature ten minute cleansing ritual, 4-2-4 (We tried it and reviewed it here). Pick up the 4-2-4 cleansing products at Credo Beauty and after a few nights you’ll see why this natural brand has a cult following among celebrity clientele, such as Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway and Gwen Stefani to name a few.

So…we’re pretty sure In Fiore’s founder, Julie Elliott, lives and dies by the 4-2-4, but curious to learn more about her beauty routine we reached out for the full download. Read on for excerpts from the interview. 

“In the evenings, I like to do the 4-2-4 ritual as soon as I come home. I drop my stuff, change, do the 4-2-4. It’s a way to decompress as I go into my evening. I do this before I pour the wine and turn on Netflix. When I do the 4-2-4 at night it can range anywhere from six minutes to twenty. I sit there and watch the news while I massage. Once I’m done with the 4-2-4 at night I’ll apply a serum or oil depending on how I feel. I personally don’t do a lot of layering. I like to rotate my products. I will do a serum or one of the face oils or sometimes I’ll do the 4-2-4 and I wont do anything; it depends on how I feel. I might look at my skin and say, ‘Wow, my skin looks good. It feels plump and hydrated. I’m going to let it have a night off.’

I’m a big believer in bathing and dry brushing. I dry brush and bathe four nights a week. That’s really important to me. Modalities like dry brushing and bathing really help to detoxify the skin and body of pollution. I personally have a compromised lymphatic system and dry brushing is so important for moving the lymph and getting the blood moving. It’s also really great for your skin, too.

I alternate various therapeutic baths to detox, but my favorite bath I do is a pound of sea salt with a pound of baking soda. A salt and soda bath is great for detoxing radiation and it’s really great for skin and sore muscles. It’s very mineralizing. I travel with my own salt and baking soda, so when I stay at a hotel I have to have a bath tub. It’s a total deal breaker if they don’t have one because the one thing I try to maintain when I travel is my dry brushing and bathing ritual.

At my home I don’t even have a shower. I only have a bathtub. I’m that much of a bather, so when the Dry Bar concept opened up I was, like, okay this is perfect because I don’t enjoy washing my hair. There’s a Dry Bar in my neighborhood in San Francisco I go to and when I go I bring my own green products. They will let you bring your own products which is great. Right now I’m using Phylia de M. hair care products. They are formulated in Japan and based on the use of folic acid. The products really improve your scalp and the health of your hair.

In the mornings, I don’t wash my face. I believe if you do a good cleanse at night, it’s not necessary to cleanse again in the morning. I’ll just do a few splashes of warm and cold water.

For my teeth, I love this Ayurvedic tooth powder. It’s called Uncle Harry’s All Natural Tooth Powder. The packaging and the name are a little funny, but I’m telling you it’s the most amazing tooth powder. They are a great company and I really like their philosophy.

When it comes to makeup, I don’t wear a lot and it’s the one area I haven’t completely converted over to naturals. I have very sensitive eyes and some of the natural brands irritate my eyes. I think because they are too soft, they move. But then a makeup artist friend of mine was, like, ‘No, girl, you need to use the Dior pencil. It wont move.’ So I’ve been using that eyeliner.

And water is so important. My goal is to drink three liters a day, which is kinda like a full time job, but when I do drink that much my energy is great, I don’t have crazy cravings and I sleep well.

Bathing, dry brushing and water are the things I can do with consistency. Diet is a whole other story.

When I travel, part of getting into a culture is experiencing the food, so when I’m traveling in general for work – all bets are off. I want to have that authentic cultural experience. There was a time when I was living in Tokyo. I would spend three months there at a time and the diet in Tokyo isn’t so healthy. There is a lot of salty, fried foods. You don’t see copious amounts of vegetables on menus until you go out to the rural areas, so I would talk to my Japanese friends and ask, ‘What do you eat to stay healthy here?’ And they said, ‘We eat soba and drink a lot of tea.’ So I love eating soba and while I don’t drink it daily, I am trying to step up my collagen intake. It’s great for aging and mature skin types. You’ll see a difference in a week. In Japan, they have collagen powders with hyaluronic acid women drink. The collagen is derived from fish bones instead of chicken or beef, like many here in the states and I like to put a little into tea at nighttime. I have friends who take it religiously and they look amazing.”

-as told to BOND EN AVANT
Image source: In Fiore

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