Celebrity Makeup Artist Julie Hewett’s Perfect Red Lipsticks

After interviewing celebrity makeup artist, Julie Hewett, about her panache for red lips, classic old Hollywood glamour, and tips for how to pick the best red lipstick –  I of course had to put her gorgeous red lipsticks – Belle, Femme, Rouge and Coco – to the test.

Pros: Each lipstick is made with fast absorbing camellia oil that offers nourishment, hydration and produces a creamy texture. And Julie created each shade variant to fit each skin tone. I love how easy to apply the lipsticks are which I attribute to a) their easy glide and b) the perfect pointed shape.

Cons: At the end of the day, my lips did feel a little irritated from the lipstick. While they are paraben-free, these lipsticks aren’t as clean in ingredients as my faves – organic lipstick brand Y et Beauté.

Wearability: Colors are very wearable and if you follow Julie’s tips for long-wear at the bottom of this article, these lipsticks will last you through the whole day!

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See below for swatches, and which color is your best red based on Julie’s recommendations.


Color: Rouge | Description: Rouge is a 40s-inspired true movie-star red lipstick.

“I have a red called, Rouge Noir, that’s universal; anyone can wear it. My aunt Betty wears it and she’s 90 years old, and my makeup artist friend who is African American wears it and they both look fantastic in that color.”

julie hewett lipstick

Color: Sin | Description: A triple pigmented deep aubergine wine red.

Sin is an aubergine red, that looks amazing on African American, Latin Skin , or if you are doing a dramatic look it looks great on pale skin.”

julie hewett lipstick

Color: Coco | Description: Coco is a sultry vampy 30s red.

Coco is a brown red that’s also great for everybody but it is very dramatic.

julie hewett lipstick

Color: Femme | Description: A triple pigmented creamy but matte scarlet blue based red.

“Pale skin tone and coloring goes amazing with my blue red, Femme, because of the blue undertones in pale.”

julie hewett lipsticks

And tips from Julie to make your lipstick last…
“My lipsticks are so pigmented. I tell people to put a little concealer on the lips and blot it,  then apply the lipstick and a little liner afterwards. Lastly, powder around the mouth. My lipsticks are moisturizing, matte and long lasting. You can eat a meal and they will still be on perfectly. They’re a fantastic, high quality, highly pigmented product.”

Written & Photographed by Amy Chang, founder + editor