kristin petrovichIf you aren’t caught up on the latest beauty and wellness craze – crystals – here’s a quick download: Crystals and gemstones vibrate at a frequency imperceptible to our senses, but can be felt by our cells making them incredible sources of healing energies. Yes, we agree – woah. (And for those a little skeptical, check out our in-depth article on crystals before you make up your mind…)

Stone elements have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practices for centuries, but själ Skincare, founded by mother-daughter duo, Karen and Kristen Petrovich, marries old with new intertwining this ancient modality with European and Japanese Bio-Technology for a powerfully efficacious and spiritual skincare line.

The sentiment of ritual, divinity, connection to self and unblocked energies are strong themes in this brand, and got us curious about cofounder Kristen’s beauty routine. She shares with us below her evening self-care practices.

“My personal evening routine usually starts after I put my son Van to bed. When I know he’s happy and sound asleep I feel free to take advantage of some precious “me time.”  (Whether of not you have children, it’s always important to take this time to wind down to renew and promote a sound, peaceful sleep; the best beauty elixir.)

My favorite evening ritual is a gemstone bath, meditation and a mask- extremely multi tasking but effective in providing a sense of well being. To do this I like to set the tone and have a candle and music playing (jazz or classical guitar, etc).  

For the bath recipe itself, it depends on my mood and how I’m feeling.  If I’m under the weather,  I do a bentonite clay bath with amethyst, green moss, sea salt and clear quartz.  I add a bit of baking soda if I feel particularly toxic from environment.  I soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes trying to allow my body to clear. I will move the stones to places that I feel are more comfortable or helping to pull out toxins or blockages.  I like to use the clay as a detoxifier under arms. It’s also great for scalp and face as you can feel it detoxifying all your pores.  (Just a bit tough to get out of hair).  This clay, as well as the amethyst, is loaded with negative ions, so it really pulls toxins out. I like to make sure I drink a lot of water afterwards.  It also makes me tired in a good way making it great to do before bed.  (Just remember to take a shower to rinse off any reside as you want to make sure that any toxins are down the drain and not on you.) Normally, after this bath I like to use a lavender body oil or cream which my mom got for me in Provence as it helps to promote sleep.

kristen petrovich sjal skincare

But my typical go-to bath is one that uses rose quartz, pale blue stones, such as blue lace agate or aqua marine.  I like to do this with Himalayan or sea salt, and relaxing essential oils such as: frankincense, lavender, rose, ylang ylang an/or chamomile.  Gold colloidal (optional) is a great accompaniment as it’s regenerative and healthy for our body and nervous system not to mention incredibly luxurious. While doing this bath I always like to have stones on my heart area and often on my head, as crazy as that might sound; it’s sort of a connection with the heart and your spiritual self. It’s a great way to go into a meditation working on your heart chakra – opening up to love, warmth and calming, letting go of anything that maybe be holding you back or bringing you down.

During these baths, I like to use the själ pearl enzyme mask with gemstones or the kashmir mask for healthy glowing beautiful skin, not to mention the anti- aging aspects. I feel baths and masks always go hand in hand. Additionally, I like to drink a calming tea such as chamomile. These are all simple things that help you to feel nurtured physically as well as spiritually. After the bath, I put on a body creme followed by my evening själ routine of serum, oil, orbe eye contour and kura for beautiful, luminous skin.

If I’m not reading, I like join my husband (not typically a bath guy) and watch some fun documentary he has on (typically on artisanal food, wine, sometimes art – weekends more Portlandia (he’s from Portland) or a movie for a good laugh). It’s always nice to have an element of escapism or some light laughter before bed. 

In our bedroom, I have rose quartz and scolecite to help promote sleep as well as loving relationships. 

And lastly, I always try and say a pray of gratitude, anything personal I may have going on with the hope of a great new day.  Nighttime can be a ritual for peace, love, laughter and happiness – the most simple recipe for beauty.”

-as told to BOND EN AVANT; Image source: Själ Skincare


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