The Best Face Oil For Dry, Sensitive Skin


leland francis face oilLeland Francis Luxe Face Oil is like the nice guy friend you had in college and overlooked dating, as you chased after the more aggressive, overly confident, flashy guys (or was it just me?). The nice guy friend who held your hair back on nights you drank too much wine; consoled you when your cat passed away; and was basically there during every breakup, friend catastrophe, and dating mishap.

In short, he’s dependable, responsible, and nurturing. And like most romantic comedies, the guy you realize after all the bad dates is the one. That’s Leland Francis’ Luxe Face Oil in a nutshell. When you’re done chasing the flashy marketing, bright packaging and empty promises of other skincare brands try your hand at this beautifully simple, elegant product.

Aptly named, this luxe “dry” (aka non-greasy, light and perfect for daytime use) face oil marries gentle anti-inflammatory essential oils, like Argon Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil with just a hint of antibacterial Bergamot Oil and deeply moisturizing Rose Hip Oil. Your dry, sensitive skin will drink up every drop without the tingling, irritation breakouts other oils may impart. 

The results are improved barrier function (which means plumpness and better hydration), stimulated collagen for a youthful glow, and soothed redness. The androgynous scent of Sandalwood and Neroli Oils gives an air of subtle refinement that matches it’s sophisticated, minimal packaging.

Let’s just say Leland Francis Luxe Face Oil is the marrying type.

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Written by Amy Chang, Founder & Editor; Photographed by Wing Ta