Finally, winter is here in Los Angeles. Overnight there was a temperature drop by ten degrees, which means daily highs in the fifties and sixties. Oh boo hoo, poor us in LA. Yes, I know, most of the country, including my previous hometown in Minnesota and second home during college, New York City, know real winters not the b.s. cold winds and dry air Angelenos (myself included now) whimper about.

Though we may not suffer in terms of bone chilling temps, I will say that the arid desert winter winds do inflict their own harshness and can dry out even the most youthful, collagen-rich skin. We’re talking brittle snap-it-off-like-a-celery-stick skin. At least you guys have humidity…

To help you (and me) get through winter dryness, I’ve been slathering on, wiping off, rubbing in, and repeating. Below are a few skincare picks that will bring back suppleness and make you forget, if only for a moment, your longing for summer.


Combination and acne prone skin requires an ever changing bag of tricks to tame. Light formulations are needed in warmer months and just the right amount, but not too heavy moisture is needed for cooler ones. Algenist Genius Collection comes with everything you’ll need to make it through winter till it’s time to swap your routine for summer months. Each piece provides just enough moisture without pushing you into breakout zone. The Sonage Rejuvenating Moisture Mask will energize skin with ginseng and soothe acne prone skin with chamomile extracts. I love applying a thick layer, soaking in the tub, then wiping it off with a warm wash cloth. You skin will feel rebalanced.


Most of the time normal to dry skin types have it easy, at least more so than than the aforementioned skin type. Pimples and oiliness aren’t a problem, but flakes and tightness can be. Try Darphin 8-Flower Nectar Oil whose ingredient list reads like the yummiest salad – avocado oil, rose flower oil, and date seed extract to name a few, then top it off with Dr. Perricone Multiaction Overnight Treatment. The rich gel-like cream sinks in deliciously leaving you with refreshed, plump morning skin. It’s a top pick moisturizer for dry skin. 

ws_sensitive-irritatedSENSITIVE & IRRITATED

Redness around the nose and cheeks ain’t cute, just ask Rudolph. If you’re dealing with the effects of irritated and sensitive skin, it may be due to a compromised barrier function, in other words – thin, weak skin. Skinceuticals Barrier Repair will protect the upper layers of skin from environmental stressors (ahem, cold winds, pollution), while soothing redness. The gel-lotion is uber lightweight. Looking to really invest in your skin? Opt for 111Skin Y Theorem Repair Serum NAC Y2 if you need a one step does everything – boosts collagen, supports cell regeneration, soothes, hydrates and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.


I know you’re often neglected on this site, but hey guys out there reading this or girlfriends looking to relieve your SO’s skin troubles. I’ve talked at length about Susanne Kaufmann’s skincare line – swoon – and her men’s line delivers the same superior quality. The Susanne Kaufmann Regeneration Cream Line M is rich, yet lightweight, is a great moisturizer for dry, irritated skin, and will protect skin during harsh winters. 

-Amy Chang
Image source: Wolfgang Tillmans 

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