Dr. Barbara Sturm X Monika Blunder Primer Review

barbara sturm monika blunder primer

The Dr. Barbara Sturm + Monika Blunder Anti-aging Primer won’t blurr you out like an instagram filter, like some heavy silicone mask-like primers. It’s more subtle than that. It’s refined, high-quality. It feels gentle, like skincare, more akin to a light-weight lotion than a traditional primer in feel and application.

Long ago I used to use Smashbox’s Photofinish wayyyyyy back in the aughts. The dry, slippery gel sank into every pore giving me the appearance of flawlessness, but undoubtably clogged pores and breakouts the next day. Since then I swore off primers. Okay, not completely, but it wasn’t until I stumbled across the Tom Ford Illuminizing Primer that I even got back into the primer game. 

dr barbara sturm monika blunder primer

But Dr. Barbara Sturm is a skincare genius in my eyes, so when I heard she was coming out with a primer I was excited. Her hyaluronic acid serum and ampoules make my skin look better than it ever has. I rarely purchase products since I’m always getting press samples to test, okay, that’s not completely true I still buy a sh*&%t ton of skincare #Imaddicted. But anyways, what I’m trying to say is I actually went out and bought Dr. Barbara Sturm’s $315 Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Painful purchase, a little, but when I looked at my skin my first thought was – I should have bought two… 

So, you can imagine my little girl giddiness Dr. Barbara Sturm’s new primer collaboration with celebrity makeup artist, Monika Blunder, landed on my doorstep.

The light-weight primer contains skin enhancing ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and the antioxidant powerhouse, purslane, which are both signature ingredients in Dr. Sturm’s skincare line.

The texture of the primer feels light, milky, lotion-y and sinks in right away. I found only a pea size to be needed for each cheek and forehead.

dr barbara sturm monika blunder primer

Because it doesn’t contain any fillers or silicones it doesn’t have that traditional thick gel feeling most primers have, which means (a) it’s better for your skin, but (b) this primer won’t cover serious skin flaws like acne scars or large pores. What it will do, and what seriously impressed me, is that upon application the anti-inflammatory ingredients calmed my redness; the rice powder mattified (without over-drying) my skin; and the longevity people – is ridiculous.

By the end of the day my face usually has melted (even with the Tom Ford primer…) or I’m a little shiny in the t-zone, but this primer seemed to lock everything in place for hours and keep me matte!

And there’s more. Celebrity makeup artist, Monika Blunder, says you can use it as a highlighter due to the pearl pigments and as a mattifying agent ON TOP of makeup! (How genius and much better than getting that cake-y powder-y look.)

dr barbara sturm monika blunder primer

While it’s a little pricey at $85 per 1oz tube, if you can swing it, I say it’s worth the money.

If you’re curious about Dr. Barbara Sturm’s background as an orthopedic doctor who worked on the likes of Kobe and created the vampire facial (seriously, she invented it), check out this interview I did with her at Violet Grey.

Or read my review of her signature $1,400 blood cream she custom made for me. It’s good. Real good. 

Written & Photographed by Amy Chang; Founder + Blogger + Photographer