Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Moon Juice storefront isn’t just a juice shop – it’s a wellness paradise. And one I am newly obsessed with. I walked in yesterday thinking I was going to pick up just your regular ole green juice blend of kale, celery, and apple, but found instead a cornucopia of juice and milk drinks based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic principals.

Moon Juice mixes Chinese herbs and superfoods, such as Schisandra Berry, Goji, Chaga (mushrooms), and tocotrienols (natural Vitamin E), into cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices, Alkaline water, coconut water, and/or nut milks to create deeply nourishing elixirs built on the founder’s philosophy of beauty and health starting from within.

Moon Juice Case

What started out as a tiny juice shop in Venice, CA five years ago has now grown into three storefronts (Venice, Silverlake & West Hollywood); a menu containing over twenty pre-made juices and milks; an assortment of dried, roasted, and fermented snacks; and a line of ground Chinese herbs and bio-fermented protein powders for at home recipes.

Moon Juice Dusts

But of the brand’s many offerings, their most eye catching items are their Moon Dusts; jars of ground Chinese herbs mixed into therapeutic blends that can be added to smoothies, or stirred into hot or cold water.

The Moon Dust collection, developed with an expert Chinese herbalist, contains six potent formulas – Beauty Dust, Sex Dust, Action Dust, Brain Dust, Goodnight Dust, and Spirit Dust. Each made of a unique blend of ingredients to stir results coinciding with their names, such as increased skin health with Beauty Dust, vitality with Action Dust, and well, I think Sex Dust is self explanatory.

Moon Juice Plants

In addition to various jars of herbs and the Blue Adaptogen Protein powder, I purchased the Beauty DustPearl, Goji, Schisandra Berry, Rehmannia and stevia round out the ingredients list. Aside from Goji, Pearl and stevia, I had no idea what the others were, let along how to pronounce them so I reached out to Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Maria Vallella, to decipher the Beauty Dust.

“All of these ingredients (aside from Stevia) are Chinese herbs,” says Maria, “Except for the pearl powder, they are all yin tonics. As we age, we start to move towards a yin deficiency. These herbs replenish the yin, restore luster and support the skin, preserving youthfulness. These herbs are best for someone looking for anti-aging properties and to regain moisture to dry skin.”

Pearl – “Pearl powder isn’t a yin tonic, but they have been using it for centuries in traditional Chinese culture for beauty, both internally and externally to improve and whiten the skin. It contains amino acids and minerals (both vital to support the skin), but since it’s a heavy mineral, it’s hard on digestion. Best to avoid during pregnancy when the body is already taxed.”

Shisandra Berry – “Shisandra helps to keep fluids in. It’s great for women who have hot flashes or night sweats. It helps to stop the sweating and is very calming. A lot of yin tonics are very calming for the mind and are used to reduce irritability, reduce stress and disrupted sleep patterns.”

Goji – “This one has become a very popular super food, but it’s been a Chinese herb for a long time. They’re great for the eyes and for building new blood (which gives a healthy, refreshed look to skin). ”

Rehmannia – “This is a very cloying (difficult to digest) herb. I always pair it with something that will help your body absorb it, like ginger. (She recommends mixing the Beauty Dust with ginger tea). Rehmannia is a popular herb for menopause. It helps to cool the body down. Yang is hot and yin is cold. When there is yin deficiency, the warmth from yang is overpowering. This clears heat, and helps to retain moisture in the body.”

Overall, Maria says these are all great herbs to promote anti-aging and help restore a youthful glow. No wonder Gwyneth Paltrow adds Moon Juice Dust to her smoothie every morning… 

Get yours at, Moon Dust $55 – $65

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