After reading our review of Moon Juice, the holistic juice shop taking the wellness community by storm,  you may have decided to stock up on a few Moon Pantry items (we did too). But once home with jar after jar of Chinese herb you can’t pronounce, you  realize – now what do I do? Well, you could mix and match creating your own recipes, but if you prefer tried and true, here are a few Moon Juice recipes of their most popular “milks” to get you started.

The Blue Pearl

12-ounces water
3 tablespoons Almond Butter
Serving of Moon Pantry Blue Adaptogen Protein
1/4 teaspoon Moon Pantry Pearl
3 ice cubes

Combine and blend in a high powdered blender for thirty seconds.

Warm Adaptogenic Latte

1 teaspoon Moon Pantry Cacao
1 teaspoon Moon Pantry Cordyceps
1/2 teaspoon Moon Pantry Reishi
1/2 teaspoon Moon Pantry Macuna Pruriens
Pinch of Moon Pantry Ashwagandha
1 tablespoon honey

Combine and blend into 12 ounces of warmed almond milk.

Maca Chocolate Milk

12 ounces of nut or seed milk of choice
2 tablespoons Moon Pantry Cacao
1 tablespoon Moon Pantry Maca
1 tablespoon of Honey
3 ice cubes

Combine and blend in a high speed blender for thirty to sixty seconds.

Image source: Moon Juice


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