With her eco-conscious vegan wardrobe, exuberant laugh, and wide-eyed gamine appeal, it’s no wonder this ballerina turned Instagram influencer, Agnes Muljadi, is cultivating a strong following. Like many of her 120,000 followers, I first came across Agnes, via her Instagram page, aptly named – @artsyagnes. Her photos take you into a brightly lit world of soft pastel tutus, cruelty-free vegan products, and scenes from her daily life shot in whimsical natural lighting. Launched a little over two years ago, Agnes says, she joined Instagram at the behest of her friends to promote her Etsy shop. But once she started posting photos of her ballet world (herself and photoshoots she was doing for other ballerinas), her Instagram account soon took off leading her down a path she never expected. These days the social media star works on collaborations with brands. Her most recent partnership with ARTISANskin brought to market the influencer’s eponymous vegan, natural body oil.

IMG_0092The rich cadmium yellow oil shines through the glass bottle and seems destined for success appealing to both diehard vegan product fans and more mainstream consumers. A few pumps of this natural body oil and I immediately fall in love with the heavenly, earthy, sweet scent; a mixture of essential oils, including – bergamot, sweet orange, rose, and cedar-wood. The texture feels substantial, but not thick, and absorbs seamlessly into my skin.

When asked about how this product came to fruition, Agnes says she worked with ARTISANskin to create a product true to their shared values. The 100% plant based, cruelty free and vegan natural body oil is made in small batches, handmade, and comes in a glass bottle.

Agnes smiles excitedly when she recounts the recent press and positive praise the oil is receiving, but says, “I’m happy that I came out with a product that I am really proud of and I think it really supports the kind of lifestyle I want to promote.”

agnesmuljadiThe vegan, eco-conscious, organic lifestyle is one deeply rooted in the ballerina. After discovering health challenges in 2014, a naturopath encouraged the then vegetarian to go vegan. A change that proved to be life changing both in regards to her health and everyday life. “Your body is not the same. I have so much more energy. You feel weightless. It was probably the best decision I made in my life,” says Agnes. Since that time, her interest in championing for vegan brands and the vegan lifestyle have become the core of her brand voice. One even non-vegans can relate to.

@artsyagnes x ARTISANskin Vegan Body Oil, $32


-by Amy Chang
Photographed by author


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