Natural Everyday Makeup Look That’s Easy & Fast

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Back during my Shiseido makeup artist days it used to take me two hours to get ready. Yes, you heard me correctly. Two hours. But I was also in college then and a fresh blowout, smoky daytime eye and fierce lip was my look. Now, I can’t be bothered with all that and strive for natural everyday makeup.

IF I wash my hair (usually not since I wash at night and do a light curl + dry shampoo in the morning) I want natural, easy and fast. I don’t have time to efff around. My to-do list ain’t gonna do itself.

So, when I have to go out of the house for a meeting or lunch (and actually change out of pajamas and put makeup on) this natural everyday makeup look featured is my quick go-to look.

Here’s how it all goes down in less than 5 minutes…

natural everyday makeup kjaer weis tom ford anastasia two faced bare minerals

Foundation(Application time is less than 1 minute. Seriously!)

I use Kjaer Weis Like Porcelein cream foundation in Just Sheer using the Sephora PRO Flawless Airbrush #56, which does all the heavy lifting for you. It blends cream and liquid products with very little effort!

I love this organic foundation because the coverage is buildable from sheer to medium. Instead of having to use a concealer for my red acne marks or hyper-pigmentation, I can just dab a little more foundation on those areas and it covers perfectly.


natural everyday makeup tom ford scintillate

Highlighter/Blush(Application time 1-2 minutes)

The Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Cheeks palette is for the “I want a soft contour without all the makeup and fuss” people, aka, ME. This palette is great for the natural everyday makeup look since there isn’t lots of shimmer or intense pigment. 

With my middle finger I swirl around on the lighter side (which feels like slippery lipgloss?!) and dab it on the high planes of my face. If you want in-depth tips on highlighting, read this article on highlighting tips from celebrity makeup artist, Meg O’Hare.

The highlighter will make you look dewy and really light up where you apply it.

Then I use the darker side and dab along my cheekbone just below where I placed the lighter highlight.

Everything is going to be a little slippery, so I set it with the Bare Minerals Pure Radiance bronzer/blush. It sets the Tom Ford creamy duo and gives a luminous, innocent, soft glow.


Brows(Application time less than 1 minute)

I had my eyebrows tattooed a few months ago (LOVE THEM!) and it has really cut down A LOT on my getting ready routine. Read about my experience getting them tatted up here if you’re curious.

I don’t need to do much since they’re tattooed. I just do a swipe here and there with the Anastasia Perfect Brows Pencil in Granite to darken the arch and that’s it!

With Asian brows, I have found  this color to be the best. Some dark brown brow pencils are too brown, while the blacks are too black. This one has hints of grey and it looks so natural!


natural everyday makeup

Eyes – (Application time 1-2 minutes)

I don’t really wear eyeliner since it has a tendency to smudge on my Asian eyes even if it’s waterproof! So, I either use the Anastasia brow pencil or I’ll actually use an eyeliner brush and coat it with mascara. (Mascara seems to work really well as an eyeliner and water liner for me!)

I love Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara . My short, straight lashes need all the help they can get and this one gives them major oomph!

I was a Dior Show and then Blackout girl for a looooooong time, but I found that the tube ended up drying out after two or three months, so I made the switch and haven’t looked back.

Lips – (Application time less than 1 minute)

I just use the Tom Ford Scintillate palette for lips! It’s so glossy and easy to swipe on for a very natural look.

And Voila! My natural everyday makeup look for when I actually leave the house and, like, see real people… not just my computer. 🙂

Written & Photographed by Amy Chang, Founder & Editor