In all my years as a spa junkie, I’ve come across luxury spas (Tomoko Spa Beverly Hills), clinical spas (KLARA Beauty Lab), mid-range spas (Skincare Peridot) and everything in-between, but recently I experienced for the first time ever a spiritual spa.

Natural Feeling Spa located on W. 3rd Street in Los Angeles can only be described as just that – spiritual. Run by owner and esthetician, Adina Diaz, this holistic spa offers natural, non-toxic body treatments, facials, peels, eyelash extensions, and a store front offering organic skincare, makeup and wellness accouterment, such as yoga mats, recycled wine bottle shot glasses and jade Chakrub pleasure stones made of 100% natural crystal.


Murals of three stylized women illustrated by the provocative Los Angeles based artist and client, Natalie Krim, whom was recently interviewed in Playboy, dot the spa’s white walls and depict women playfully bending over and peering at viewers through their legs. When asked about the artwork Adina replies simply, “Women should not be ashamed of their bodies and this artwork is an expression of that. I think all women should love their vaginas.”

While momentarily shocked, her candor feels refreshing and the message behind her words of empowering women and how they feel about their bodies feels even better. The invisible coat you walk in wearing weighted with conformity, societal beauty ideals and gender stereotypes will easily shrug off just from being in Adina’s orbit.


Though she’s known for her facials, I opt instead to try her signature Herbal Body Wrap. (After all, it’s holiday season and lord knows I need all the detoxing I can get.) The treatment begins with a glycolic body polish to exfoliate my skin. Next, I’m wrapped in four layers of 100% cotton and hemp fabric sheets that have been cooked for over an hour at 450 degrees Fahrenheit in a turkey roaster filled with water and a large tea bag stuffed with rosemary, lavender, comfrey, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree and oregano. The wraps are rung out and layered on top of me one by one. (I liken the feeling to when you run a hot bath and the first foot you dip in makes you yelp and pull your foot back out. Know what I mean? Yah, it’s kinda like that except you can’t pull your foot back out.)


I lay there dripping sweat. The scent of herbs plumes in the air and sounds of a torrential thunderstorm play over the speakers. Using all Lotus Moon Skin Care products, Adina cleanses my face with a green tea and lavender cleansing milk, mists me with a rebalancing tonic and massages my face with jojoba and argan oil. Every so often she mists my face with sweet orange and pachouli, massages my temples and neck with ice cold facial globes that feel divine as I lay there beneath the scorching wraps, and chimes soothing Tibetan bells around my head.

The whole session concludes in a little over an hour, but by the time you’re dressed, back out in the waiting room and sipping a homemade organic green juice by Adina, you will know what I mean when I say this is a spiritual spa experience and one that cannot be missed.

naturalfeelingspa.com, Herbal Body Wrap – $90

Written & Photographed by Amy Chang

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