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Dewy, radiant, youthful – it’s what we all strive for with makeup. To look enhanced and never overdone. The key to achieving this, IMO, is the right blend of cream and powder highlighters! You want the light to reflect in just the right places. The shades to contour those cheekbones. And a flash of flushed color to give the glow of pubescent days. All this can be easily had with a few swipes and a light dusting from Kosas’ new Color & Light highlighter and bronzer palettes.

Like their line of creamy, hydrating, and long-lasting lipsticks the brand launched last year, these new palettes come in subtle, wearable colors able to flatter any skin tone. Of the six palettes that recently launched, I have been testing two color duos – Papaya 1972 and Tropic Equinox. Read on for my full review of both.

Product: Kosas Color & Light – Papaya 1972

Colors: Muted bare pink and rich peachy/coral

Texture: Pressed powder. This powder, though pressed, is finely milled and very loose. One swipe or dab with your brush and a lot of product is picked up. I would say this is much looser than a typical pressed powder. If you want more product to be deposited on your face, use a rounded, denser blush brush which will pick up a lot of product. If you want less product applied, go for a loose powder brush that will pick up less product.

Review: I love the coral flush of the peachy side and the soft glow of the lighter tone. The powder is able to mattify skin without over-drying due to the jojoba and moringa oils. I like using these colors on top of cream foundation or tinted moisturizers since it helps to set the makeup.

Tip: A little goes a long way. Dip your brush in gently and build up the color.

Available here.

natural highlighter

Product: Kosas Color & Light – Tropic Equinox

Colors: Nude pearl and burnt sienna bronzer

Texture: CREAMY! So creamy you better make sure you don’t dab a finger in there too quickly. You might dig a chunk of product out accidentally like I did…

Review: This creamy bronzer highlight duo is gorgeous! JLO vibes is what you’ll be giving off wearing these colors. One perfectly contours while the other gives a glow from within. Simply gorgeous!

But while the colors are gorgeous, the texture is a little difficult to manage. I wouldn’t suggest using this on top of powder foundation or very matte foundations; doing so can cause a muddled look and be difficult to blend. If you want to use this product on top of foundation, I highly recommend you use it on top of creamy foundations for easy blending. Better yet, wear it on bare skin. That’s actually the best way to use this product, but perhaps not doable for most.

Tip: The product tends to travel (and also attract stray hairs). I suggest dusting a little bit of setting powder over the areas where it’s applied to ensure long-lasting wear.

Available here.

natural highlighter

Written & Photographed by Amy Chang


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