New York City Beauty Guide – Part 2: The Best Brazillian


Native to the beach-y land of sunshine, surfers and bare skin, Sugared + Bronzed, makes its way from Los Angeles to the big city bringing fans of “The Brazilian” something to rejoice about.

Removing hair from the bikini area is unpleasant. It’s just one of the many pain-is-beauty moments us women endure. But Sugared + Bronzed have tapped into an ancient Egyptian technique called, sugaring, that is better for the skin (due to it’s all natural ingredients – sugar, water and lemon juice) and less painful technique (debatable – but there is no hot wax involved which is a plus).


The sugaring “paste” the brand uses is a proprietary recipe of just sugar, water and lemon juice they mix to the consistency of – putty? soft taffy? chewing gum? Take your pick. Kept at room temperature, the technician takes a clump of the sugar ball (wearing gloves of course), rubs it against the hair grain a few times to pick up the hair strands and then removes it in the direction the hair grows: This technique is the opposite of waxing and incurs fewer ingrown hairs. Once done with an area the sugar ball is thrown away and a new one is used for the next area.

I walked into Sugared + Bronzed anticipating my first brazillian with trepidation. Of course the horror stories of screaming, tears and unbearable pain my girlfriends shared with me about their waxing experiences didn’t help. But the entire experience lasted barely twenty minutes and while a little uncomfortable at times, wasn’t bad at all. My technician, Erin, had gentle, yet expert hands. I left feeling relieved, amazed and like a new women. 

For a natural, less painful hair removal option, check out Sugared + Bronzed., Brazilian, $49

-by Amy Chang
Image source: mytopface

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