nude lipgloss kylie lip kit kkw nude lipgloss kkw kylie lip kitI looooooooove a subtle nude lip, which is probably why my heart stopped when I saw the teaser for the KKW x Kylie Créme Liquid Lipstick Lip Kit. There’s a cult following around the Kylie lip kits, and I never thought I’d partake in the madness, especially, since I mostly opt for organic and green lip products, but here we are…

On April 25th, I marked my calendar for 2:58pm PST and waited by my computer counting down the seconds until 3pm when the lip kit would go live. The Kylie Cosmetics site didn’t crash, as I expected. (They’ve probably been through this enough to have all the kinks worked out.) But it did take me thirty minutes of buffering until I could finally move through the online checkout.

I purchased one kit for me and one I’ll be giving away during my #BondFaves Summer Giveaway series starting June 5th and running until the end of August! So stay tuned, these babies are sold out, but you could win one via my Instagram!

Okay, back to the lippies…

Product: KKW x Kylie Lip Kit

Description: This kit was created in collaboration with Kim Kardashian West and features her four favorite nude colors each aptly named after one of her nicknames: Kiki, Kimmie, Kim, and Kimberly.

Texture: These Créme Liquid Lipsticks feature a new formula for the Kylie Cosmetics brand; neither gloss nor matte. They seem to be a lipstick gloss hybrid that’s not as shiny as a true lipgloss, nor as deeply pigmented as a lipstick.

Colors: Mauve nude, rose nude, pink nude, and beige nude

Wearability: Since these have a softer texture and apply light/sheer (but buildable), they last a few hours tops before needing to be reapplied. If you apply a layer, blot with tissue and apply again to deepen the pigment and lengthen the wearability.

Packaging: The packaging is beautiful! Love the pink design and the box it comes in has weight to it. Gorgeous!

Overall: The Kimmie (rose nude) is my favorite! But all of the colors areso  easy to wear and, I think, would look good on almost all skin tones. 

Price:, $45 – SOLD OUT

nude lipgloss kkw kylie lip kit

Créme Liquid Lipstick: Kimmie | Description: Mauve nude

nude lipgloss kkw kylie lip kit nude lipgloss kkw kylie lip kit

Créme Liquid Lipstick: Kiki | Color: Rose nude

nude lipgloss kkw kylie lip kit nude lipgloss kkw kylie lip kit

Créme Liquid Lipstick: Kim | Color: Pink nude

nude lipgloss kkw kylie lip kitnude lipgloss kkw kylie lip kit

Créme Liquid Lipstick: Kimberly | Color: Beige nude

Written & Photographed by Amy Chang, founder + editor

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