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(Above – our three month old baby, Chloe! *Tear…it’s going so fast.)

As a first-time parent, getting ready for all of your new baby’s needs is overwhelming. There’s so much to think about, so much to buy, so much to prepare for. I thought I had everything down (which I explain in my post “Your Ultimate Newborn & Registry Guide 2018”) but funny enough, the one area I ended up not being prepared for and having to figure out as I went along was organic baby skin care.

Before we had our baby, I didn’t realize how important and frequent bath time would be. I read online that babies only need to be bathed once or twice a week, which is true when they’re newborns, but once you start establishing a bedtime routine, like we did around two months of age when we started sleep training, bath time became a daily activity. And having the right organic baby skin care on hand became important.

*We give Chloe a bath every night around the same time. The warm water calms her and once she got into the rhythm of this routine, it became like pavlovian’s response. She knows it’s time for bed after having her bath, so when we put her in her crib, she quickly settles down to sleep.

You don’t need a lot of organic baby skin care products, but as I discovered the last few months there are a few essentials. Read on for my organic baby skin care musts.

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Era Organics Baby Soap: The American Academy of Pediatrics says that newborns do not need soap every day since using it that frequently can cause skin irritations. This is why I only use organic baby skin care soap on Chloe once a week and when I do, I use something very gentle like Era Organics Baby Soap. I’ve been a huge fan of Era Organics cleaners since way back during my perioral dermatitis days because they have a pH of 5.5 which is ideal to maintain healthy skin. (Use code BOND20 for 20% off all Era Organics products at

Konjac Sponges: I bought bamboo wash cloths to use on Chloe, but I found them to be too rough, heavy and bulky. I now use a konjac wash cloth or sometimes a konjac round sponge on her. The sponge fibers are ultra delicate, soft, and gentle, and it’s easy to squeeze water over her head with the sponge to rinse her hair. One thing to note about konjac sponges is they must be replaced every 4-5 weeks; the fibers breakdown and soap scum can build up on the sponge if not dried appropriately. I just purchased four more of these konjac wash cloths – love them!

Organic Cotton Rounds: Babies have lots of skin folds and creases, especially as they start to develop those cute fat rolls (I love a chubby baby!). These folds are cute, but they’re very difficult to dry with a bulky towel. Keep organic cotton rounds on hand for drying behind the knees, thigh rolls, armpits and under the neck. They make life so much easier!

Era Organics Baby Powder: Speaking of rolls, if you end up having or have a chubby baby like our Chloe, you’ll need baby powder. Babies sweat to cool themselves down and moisture can develop under the neck or in the skin creases, which can cause chaffing and little rashes from the moisture. Baby powder is great for applying to skin folds post bath to prevent chaffing. You’ll want to find a talc-free organic baby skin care powder since talc has been shown to be contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogen. I like this one from Era Organics.

Lina Hanson Baby Oil & Era Organics Baby Lotion: Keeping your baby’s skin hydrated is essential post bath since it helps to prevent dry skin and rashes. I recommend the Lina Hanson Baby Oil and Era Organics Baby Lotion. The Lina Hanson oil smells like melon, is super gentle, and can be used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and on your baby postpregnancy. It’s a little expensive, so I found myself reaching for Era Organics Baby Lotion once my oil ran out. At first, I felt the organic baby skin care lotion was a little sticky, but with use I learned it just needs to be patted into the skin for a minute to fully absorb. (Use code BONDENAVANT for 20% off at, and code BABYLO35 for 35% off the Era Organics Baby Lotion at

Lasko Space Heater: Babies have a hard time regulating their temperature. According to Stanford Children’s Health babies can lose heat rapidly, as much as four times more quickly than adults. This means emerging wet from the bath can chill a baby much more rapidly than it would you or I resulting in an unhappy, cold and crying baby if the right measures aren’t taken. Luckily, our doula prepared us and instructed me to purchase a small space heater for bath time. I turn on the space heater while I prep her bath warming up the room, then when she’s done bathing, I dry her with the towel and cotton rounds before holding her up and turning her like a roast chicken in front of the space heater. She loves it! I make sure not to hold her too close and keep the setting on low when I do this. This gets her nice and toasty and happy, so she’ll readily tolerate laying there naked while I apply her organic baby skin care products.

organic baby skin care era organics

Era Organics Diaper Balm: I didn’t expect to need this product, so I’m really happy it was gifted to me by Era Organics. Diaper rash is a form of dermatitis, and according to the Mayo Clinic, happens due to wet or infrequent changed diapers, skin sensitivity and chafing. Chloe started to get the onset of diaper rash from the wipes we were using – Water Wipes. I love that these wipes are made with purified softened water and only contain a drop of fruit extract, but they’re way too wet. They come out of the package almost soaking with water. This leaves behind a lot of moisture on the bottom and it started to cause a rash. Before I realized the rash was due to the wipes, I started using the Era Organics Diaper Balm and in a day or so it would immediately heal the rash. Then when I switched our wipes, the rash never again appeared.

Era Organics Healing Balm: Chloe has very sensitive skin. If I’m wearing sunscreen or makeup, and I pick her up and her cheek brushes against my face or neck, the product transfers to her and she’ll almost immediately get a dermatitis rash. I’ve had to be diligent about wiping my face to remove product once I’m home before picking her up or hold her face away from mine if we’re out and I have sunscreen on. Thankfully, the Era Organics Healing Balm has worked really well to combat these mini outbreaks. When she gets a rash on her face, I immediately soak an organic cotton round with water, wipe her face, and then apply the healing balm. The rash clears in a few hours. 

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Written by Amy Chang 


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