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There is a collection of emerging organic skin care brands who are tapping into the long lost art and intimacy of the ritual of beauty. Canadian born, Sangre de Fruta, is one of these brands set on reinventing the experience of self-care by marrying the new – a demand for organic, natural ingredients – with the old – an appreciation for the sensual, emotion evoking, decadence of skin care that harkens back to Egyptian and Greek beauty traditions.

The line’s texturally unique body creams are what first captured my heart: the water-less formulas begin whipped and then effortlessly melt into an oil beneath the warm of your fingertips. Organic essential oils, such as Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, and Egyptian Blue Chamomile will transport you emotionally back to that trip to Tuscany you took last summer, or the field where you were standing when he proposed. And each product seems to tell a story through the touch, smell and feel. So smitten with this organic skin care line, I reached out to founder, Allison Audrey Weldon, to learn about her own beauty routine.

“When I have the time, my full getting ready routine for the evening, whether it’s for bed or for an evening out starts off with a hot bath filled with epsom salts, Organic Salt Spring Island Lavender essential oil and organic Eucalyptus oil. Sometimes I add a little baking soda to make it super softening and detoxing for my skin. After I like to lie on my bed with my feet leaning straight up the wall for 10 minutes or so to let the day fall away. The relaxation is unreal.

I moisturize my entire body with Jasmine de Nuit Body Serum or one of my Sangre de Fruta Botanical Body Creams choosing the scent depending on my mood. I love the Chamomile & Anise if Im going to bed, and Neroli Forever if I’m going out.  I also have a Vitamin C serum I love for my face called Vivierskin Serum 10 before I apply Sangre de Fruta Psyche Flower Nectar Face Oil

I’ve been slowly but surely replacing all my non-organic items in my home to organic. I found haircare the hardest but have finally found a routine that works. I use Lafes Dry Shampoo for a bit of volume and to freshen hair and Biotene H-24 shampoo and conditioner.

If I’m going out I’ll use Coqui Coqui Maderas Eau de Perfume that I absolutely adore. It’s made with essential oils but has a unique old world scent. Taking the time to treat myself to beautiful scents, and sensual textures and some stillness grounds me and clears my mind for the evening ahead. The one non-organic product I haven’t given up yet is my Chanel Soleil Tan; a shiny liquid blush I’ve been using for years…maybe when this bottle runs out.”


-as told to BOND EN AVANT; Image source: Sangre de Fruta


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