The Power Of A Tom Ford Red Lipstick

red lipstick tom ford true coral

“There’s power in red lipstick.”

We’ve all heard this phrase, but what does it really mean and what kind of power can a red lipstick really emit? If you refer to Psychology Today, they’ll tell you that women wearing the color red have been found in studies to appear more attractive to men subconsciously. That when compared an image of a woman in red and the same woman in blue, the male test participants said they were more likely to want to date the woman in red and spend more money on the woman in red. Okay, good to know, but personally, I’d like to think the power in red lipstick is more about how it makes a woman feel. Let’s leave the men out of this. It doesn’t always have to be about men! Am I right?!

red lipstick asian skin tom ford true coral

There’s this moment of “ I look like shit, my hair’s a mess, and I’m a sweaty beast” but once you swipe on a little lipstick somehow things feel a little more pulled together. I never fully appreciated how powerful, put together and fierce a lipstick could make me feel until I found the one. Thanks, Tom Ford! *waves, like we’re imaginary besties* (But probably, “the one” until I get inundated with more beauty product samples and find another “the one.” #lifeofabeautyblogger #facetoosmall #toomanyproducts.)

This gorgeous lip color is by Tom Ford in True Coral. It’s a pink-ish, orange-ish, soft red that’s perfect for my olive-yellow Asian skin tone. I believe red lips should be paired with matte, natural skin and very little (I prefer zero) eye makeup, so you don’t look overdone. Here’s what I used for this look:

tom ford dr barbara sturm

Tom Ford Illuminating Primer
This primer will yes, break your bank, but it will also give you impeccably smooth, pore-less, illuminated and slightly hydrated skin. I never liked primers until I came across this one. Some felt too tacky or thick. This is just right. BUT the one drawback is that it doesn’t really extend the wear of makeup. My face melts a little by late afternoon with this primer. It looks pore-less, but a little melted. That’s where the next item comes into play.

Dr. Barbara Sturm x Monika Blunder Primer
You may think I’m crazy for layering primers, but hey, why not. The Tom Ford primer fills in and smooths. The Dr. Barbara Sturm x Monika Blunder Primer, which launched a few months ago, on the other hand color corrects redness with skin enhancing ingredients purslane and hyaluronic acid. (It’s almost more skincare than makeup.) It creates really, really long wearing makeup. After a 10 hour day your makeup will look untouched. (To read a more in-depth review of this primer read here, or here for more about Dr. Barbara Sturm’s $1,400 blood cream.) 

Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation in Fawn
This foundation is medium coverage, not buildable. It gives a dewy finish and must be set for long wear. I love the soft texture, but after this bottle is done I plan on moving on to Kjaer Weis’ organic foundation. 

Tom Ford Bronzer in Terra
My girlfriend who works at TF gifted me this pretty bronzer, otherwise I definitely would not spend this kind of money on a bronzer. (Sorry!) With that being said, it is an absolutely beautiful product. It blends seamlessly and gives a really natural glow. I just can’t be bothered to spend that much on a bronzer. Foundation – yes. Lipstick – maybe? 

Antonym Baked Blush
I had my makeup done at Savor + Beauty (green beauty shop/spa) in New York City’s West Village a year ago and was first introduced to this makeup brand. I love this baked blush that gives a really healthy, natural, almost bronz-y mauve flush. 

red lipstick asian skin tom ford true coral Laura Mercier Invisible Pressed Setting Powder
When all of the heavy-hitters in the Youtube beauty world are using Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powder, you know it’s good. I like this little pressed compact for setting at home and on the go. Never cake-y, never chalky, just perfection. 

Tom Ford Lipstick in True Coral
And now finally the start of the show, the Tom Ford lipstick in true coral! Such a great color. My girlfriend gifted me this mini and it’s the perfect shade for my yellow-olive Asian skin. These lipsticks are pricey at $53, BUT this will last through a meal or two, and never require a liner!  

Written & Photographed by Amy Chang, founder + editor