Putting together a baby registry and figuring out everything we would need for our soon-to-be arriving baby girl was so overwhelming! I did not realize how many options there are for swaddles, cribs, gliding chairs and breast pumps. It’s overwhelming to say the least figuring out newborn needs. Throughout the process of putting together our registry and purchasing the items we needed, I kept oscillating back and forth between thinking – “Do I need all this stuff?!” and “OMG, I’m forgetting something our newborn needs!”

But after many, many hours chatting with my experienced mommy friends, culling through Amazon reviews, watching mommy Youtuber reviews and researching online, I was able to wade through the madness. See below for a comprehensive list of everything that either went onto our registry or I purchased for our baby girl.

I hope this detailed list helps those of you out there struggling to navigate sea of baby products! Feel free to reach out with any questions!


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TIP: Don’t worry about stressing over decorating the nursery if you don’t have time, since you can do that after the baby arrives. Below are the main necessities.

  • Crib: Every mom I talked to said that a basic crib is all you need since the crib mattress is more important to splurge on for comfort and safety. I opted to go for a durable crib from Restoration Hardware that has a converter so it can be used as an early infant bed and hold up enough for our future second and third babies. Restoration Hardware’s nursery furniture is screened for harmful chemicals likes phthalates, formaldehyde and comes with a Greenguard Gold Certificate which you’ll want to look for when purchasing furniture since it ensures  the furniture is made without any harmful chemicals. 
  • Crib mattress: This is where you want to splurge. It’s important that the mattress is firm; a soft mattress can form to the baby’s body and face increasing the risk of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) – read more about SIDS here. I chose a mattress from Restoration Hardware that is infant appropriate and firm on one side, but softer on the flip side for when the baby becomes a toddler.

  • Changing table: I purchased a small dresser and put the Baby Letto Nontoxic Contoured Changing Pad on top. You’ll want to get a changing pad cover and a few changing pad liners you can use if you want to change them in a different room, on the bed or floor.

  • Glider/rocking chair: Gliders are great for nursing in, but it’s important to find one with arm rests that aren’t too far apart or too low. Many moms informed me that the baby will get heavy in your arms while you’re feeding and having arm rest support is crucial (The Brest Friend Nursing Pillow can help with this which I mention below in the “Breast Feeding” section). Based on online reviews, I purchased this glider from Pottery Barn, but opted to get a foot rest that doesn’t glide in sync with it for better back support.

  • Bassinet: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) it is recommended that newborns sleep in their parents’ bedroom until six months of age to twelve months to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It’s recommended babies sleep in a co-sleeper, bassinet or crib attached to the parents’ bed. I chose to get the Baby Bjorn bassinet since for the first month our baby will be sleeping in our postpartum nurse’s room. My cousin used this same one for her first baby and I saw firsthand how lightweight and sturdy it is. You do have to purchase the mattress separately, but I like how easy it is to move from room to room.

  • Co-sleeper: Now, you probably don’t need the bassinet and a co-sleeper, but SO many moms raved about the Dockatot co-sleeper to me so I ended up getting it in addition to the bassinet. The Dockatot can be used as a co-sleeper (placed in the parents’ bed), as a daytime lounger in the living room on the couch, or placed inside a regular crib to help the baby adjust to crib sleeping.  It comes in two different sizes, 0-8 months or 9-36 months, so be sure to get the right one! (I accidentally purchased the larger size and had to deal with returning it.)

newborn needs bondenavant

  • White noise machine: Based on the 7,000 reviews on Amazon and 4.5 stars, I felt the Marpac Dohn All Natural White Noise Sound Machine was a no brainer. Sound travels easily in our house, so I figured I would get one of these to help baby sleep.

  • Baby thermometer: I have the Dr. Kea Professional Medical Dual Thermometer. It is able to take the temperature of babies, kids and adults via the forehead or ear.

  • Baby monitor: Again, for this one I went off of Amazon reviews and purchased the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. With 20,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, how can I go wrong?

  • Baby swing: There are so many baby swings and rockers available, but what I heard from so many moms is that you won’t know what your baby likes until they’re here. Therefore, splurging on a $200 Mamaroo swing may be amazing if your baby loves it, but awful if they don’t and you can’t return it. I decided not to buy a swing and opted to get a bouncer instead to see if that works first. If it doesn’t, I figure I can bring my baby with me to the store and we can find a swing she likes.

  • Baby bouncer: A bouncer seems more practical to me and a true necessity. Bouncers are lighter weight than baby swings and don’t require batteries or being plugged in so you can easily move them from room to room. So, say you need to take a shower, all you do is bring the bouncer with you into the bathroom and place baby inside – easy. I went with the Baby Bjorn Bouncer which can be used from newborn to 2 years of age.

newborn needs bondenavant

  • Pump: Breast pumps are available for free through your insurance providers! Ours offered six different breast pump options. I ended up going with the Spectra S2, which is hospital strength suction after reading the reviews and hearing from friends that Spectra is great. The one drawback is that this pump has to be plugged in so it works well if you’ll be pumping at home or near an outlet.  Our insurance doesn’t cover the Spectra S1 (my first choice); it’s battery operated making it easy for travel or pumping in the car (yes, my girlfriend attaches this breast pump while she drives and pumps on the way to work), so I plan on purchasing this one myself so I have it for travel.

  • Breast milk storage bags: Breast milk storage bags by Lansinoh.

  • Nursing pads: Just in case you leak or have engorgement issues, you may want to have some nursing pads. I received a box of Lansinoh Nursing Pads from my mommy friends who didn’t need them anymore, but loved them.

  • Nursing cups: If you have over production of breast milk, my mommy friends told me that these nursing cups by Lacti are great for collecting milk that leaks out. It is liquid gold after all and you won’t want to waste it. The Haakaa Silicone Breastfeeding cup is also another option my mommy friends recommended to me since it suctions onto the boob and catches breast milk that might otherwise be wasted into a pad while you breast feed.
  • Bottle cleaner: OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand for making bottle cleaning nice and easy.

  • Drying rack: I have the Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack for bottles and pacifiers.

  • Nursing bra: This bra works as a nursing or pumping bra since it is able to hold the manual pump in place while you breast feed and the baby can’t kick it off.

  • Nursing pillow: This pillow isn’t a necessity, but it does make nursing easier. It allows the baby to lie comfortably on the pillow across your lap while nursing and many moms have recommended the My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow to me.

  • Nursing cover: Many of the nursing covers I saw online weren’t very fashionable, but when my girlfriend recommended this Bobby Infinity Nursing Scarf to me I immediately liked it. Many nursing covers have bright prints and colors. I love that this one is simple and can be worn as an infinity scarf so when you need to feed you’re ready. The material is really soft too!

newborn needs bondenavant

  • Feeding bibs: These silicone bibs are easy to clean! And with almost 2,500 reviews on Amazon and five stars – what else is there to say?

  • Feeding spoons: I like that these OXO feeding spoons come with a case for easy travel, and this squeeze spoon one dispenses food one bite at a time.

  • Highchair: Instead of opting for a traditional high chair, I went with the Bumbo highchair that you place on a dining room chair. It’s great for travel and doesn’t take up much space.

  • Food masher: If you plan on making your own baby food, this little NUK Mash and Serve Bowl masher is great for quick nuking of vegetables and mashing and serving.

newborn needs bondenavant

  • Aden & Anais swaddle blankets: The Aden & Anais Silk Soft Swaddles are so pretty and SO SOFT. They also are large enough to make great playtime blankets, nursing covers on the go, burb cloths, etc. The only drawback I have heard from some moms is that if your baby is larger (9lbs + and very strong) they were able to breakout of these swaddles. I’m not worried about this since we’re having a girl estimated to be about 7lbs, but just fyi!

  • Swaddle Me with velcro: I also put on our registry a few velcro swaddles. These are nice because there’s less material and they’re more straight forward as to how to swaddle. The drawback is many moms told me the velcro deteriorates over time from frequent washing.

  • Halo Sleep Sack: I have two versions of this 100% cotton sleep sack: one is a plain sleep sack and the other is a sleep sack + swaddle. The material is thick, but our house gets cold so these will work for us, but they may be too warm for summertime.

  • Magic Merlin bodysuit: This bodysuit is to help with sleep training, so you won’t need it right away. It’s to help babies transition out of a swaddle so they can self soothe. But from what I hear from other moms this is the best solution for helping transitioning babies during sleep training!

newborn needs bondenavant

TIP: Every mom told me to try really hard not to purchase too many baby clothes before the baby comes since you’ll never know how big your baby will be! And you will most likely get a lot of  clothes at your shower. Below are the clothing items I did purchase – mainly pajamas, a couple of sweaters and some misc. items.

  • Pajamas: I purchased 3-4 zip up sleepers and sleep sacks for three age ranges (newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months) with footsies and attached hand covers (if the sleepers you purchase don’t have attached hand covers, you may want to purchase separate newborn mittens to protect the baby from scratching themselves. I only opened and washed 1 piece from each size grouping that way in the event our baby is too big for the newborn items, I can return them.*TIP: Many moms told me that purchasing onesies with a zipper up the front or buttons all the way down are THE BEST pajamas to buy since they make frequent diaper changing easier.
  • Sweaters: 2-3 cardigan sweaters.

  • Bibs: Quite a few of my mommy friends recommend getting stylish bibs citing they come in handy if your baby is a drooler or frequently spits up. We were gifted these really cute ones from Copper Pearl . The quality is really nice and the designs are so cute!

newborn needs bondenavant

TIP: Thanks to my mommy friends in baby groups and sensory development classes, they recommended an array of toys that infant babies need including an array of different materials (wood, plastic, cloth) and sounds (bells, crinkle, music and beads). Here are the toys I put on my registry based on their suggestions:

newborn needs bondenavant

  • Baby carrier: ALL of our friends have the Ergobaby 360 carrier because of how comfortable it is (especially compared to the Baby Bjorn). My sister gave us the Moby Wrap, but I have heard from other moms that it gets hot.

  • Car mirror: I have the Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror, but I’ve heard good things about the Brica Magical Mirror that is able to keep baby entertained by playing music and lighting up – it also comes with a remote so you can easily change the modes while driving. 
  • Travel crib: I didn’t end up purchasing this Lotus Travel Crib + Playyard yet, but it was highly recommend to me by one of my girlfriends.

  • Stroller: There are SO many strollers on the market right now and finding the right one can be a huge task in itself. Originally, I was looking at the Bugaboo strollers and went to test out various Bugaboo strollers at a nearby store. Unfortunately, I found them to be difficult to use: the bassinet wasn’t easy to detach, folding was difficult, and only the Bugaboo Donkey had smooth maneuverability.After talking to other moms and reading online reviews, I saw that many of the Bugaboo strollers are rated 4-4.5 stars because they require adapters for attaching car seats (Bugaboo does not make car seats for their strollers, but you can attach Cicco or Nuna car seats with adapters – many reviewers said this was a hassle).Uppababy strollers were rated 5 stars in almost every online review I read! Each stroller comes with a seat and bassinet, and you can buy an Uppababy car seat that easily attaches to the stroller base making travel easy.

    *Our friends stressed the importance of purchasing a travel system (car seat + stroller base set) stroller citing that when the baby falls asleep in the car, which happens often, you won’t want to wake the baby when brining them into the house or moving them to the stroller.

    There are two different Uppababy strollers: The Cruz and The Vista.

    The Cruz is a little less expensive, lighter, easier to travel with, but it doesn’t have the option to expand the stroller for additional babies making it best if you plan on only having one child or having children spaced relatively far apart.

    The Vista is slightly more expensive, a little heavier, but you can add on a second car seat AND there’s a detachable board you can secure to the back for toddlers to stand on while you push the stroller. You could easily push three kids on this stroller! It is pricey and I wasn’t going to go for it until my mother-in-law insisted upon gifting it to us and I’m so grateful that she did. It maneuvers well and has lots of storage space. I love it already!

    I purchased our Uppababy car seat and stroller via Neiman Marcus after signing up for their email newsletter and receiving a 15% off discount code.


I hope this guide is helpful, but I really want to stress that this is just an outline. By no means do you have to get everything on this list or the exact items I ended up purchasing and putting on our registry. This blog post is really meant to serve as a guide for what’s out there, what you might need, and provide some helpful insights while you navigate putting together your registry and thinking about what you’ll need for your soon-to-be baby! (Congrats, btw 🙂 Feel free to DM me on IG if you have any questions! I’m happy to help in any way I can.

xo Amy

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Written by Amy Chang, founder + Editor


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