Looking to avoid wrinkles around your eyes? Perfecting your “resting bitch face” is one way, but may we suggest the Restorsea Pro Firming Eye Serum and Restorsea Pro Blurring Eye Cream duo, if smiling is your thing. The powerful eye serum/cream duo soothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and in clinical studies has been shown to reduce puffiness by up to 74%!

Formulated in Norway, the brand uses an active Aquabeautine XL ingredient derived from natural salmon enzymes. “When baby salmon are born,” says Restorsea founder Patti Pao, “they release an enzyme in order to get out of their shell. It dissolves the dead skin cells, but allows the living cells to thrive.” Applied to human skin, the enzyme acts the same way. The constant exfoliation gives skin a natural glow and it’s been compared to other powerhouse exfoliators like retinol for it’s abilities to slough away dead skin cells, encourage cellular growth and improve skin texture and tone. However, unlike retinol, it won’t leave you with irritation, redness, or dry flakes; all common complaints associated with the Vitamin A derivative. Added benefits aside from being completely natural, Aquabeautine XL is sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

When it comes to the battle against fine lines and wrinkles, amp up your “I woke up like this” beauty arsenal with Restorsea Pro Firming Eye Serum and Blurring Eye Cream. Your skin will thank you, and so will your friends; because you’re so much prettier when you smile.

The exclusive brand can be found at select dermatologists’ offices or online.


-by Becca Mendoza
Photographed by Amy Chang [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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