Body Makeup: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

While you dream about that beach vacation, sitting in your office, make sure to include Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs on your packing list when you turn that dream into reality.

Society has long accepted the idea of women wearing makeup on their face, but it seems a little slower to embrace body makeup. I will admit the idea turned me off for a long time. A flurry of “what if” questions steered me clear of the product for many years. What if it smears on my clothes? Will it leave embarrassing stains on my girlfriend’s white couch?

Finally, the idea of panty hose free flawless legs was too good to resist. So last weekend I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs in “Light Glow.”

Though the product has been around for years, Sally Hansen recently updated the formula enhancing it with palmaria extract, used frequently in cosmetics as a skin conditioning agent. This seaweed component is designed to enhance coverage of freckles, veins and light imperfections while helping to stimulate microcirculation for healthier looking skin.

I used the product before a girls’ night out dinner and enjoyed the smooth, silky glow it gave my gams!

1. Easy application – product blends flawlessly
2. Great coverage – legs look smooth and even
3. Beautiful color match – I went with the “Light Glow” and the color was very natural
4. Longevity – flawless coverage stays put all night never smudging even when my legs were crossed and sweated slightly (water-resistant)
5. Smooth texture – forgot I had the spray on! My legs felt soft and smooth!

Coverage – Though this product is near perfect, I would prefer if it offered more coverage. The body makeup worked well for my legs since I have minimal freckling, but I think if you wanted to cover darker imperfections it might not cover as well.

NOTE: I recommend applying before you get dressed and allowing a few minutes for the body makeup to set. Just to be sure it doesn’t transfer to your clothing. 

-by Amy Chang
Photographed by author