Korean sheet masks have taken the world by storm. Nearly ubiquitous, you can find masks ranging from $3-20 at beauty stores (Sephora), clothing stores (Urban Outfitters) and drugstores (Target) nationwide. Made from cotton, hydrogel, or even seaweed, these 20 -30 minute indulgences provide an immediate skin boost. There are masks for improved hydration, radiance, or firmness. Anything you need, there’s a mask for it. But if you’re just throwing on your mask, without any prep, you may not be getting the most benefit out of your mask.

7 tips for using sheet masks like a pro: 

1.Cleanse skin – always start with a freshly cleansed face. We recommend using something gentle and natural, like Arcona’s White Tea Purifying Cleanser made with natural cranberry enzymes, soothing Vitamin E and aloe extracts.

2. Exfoliate – removing dead surface cells and dry flakes is paramount to proper absorption of sheet mask nutrients and moisture. Using a gentle fruit acid peel, like REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, will sweep away old cells in as little as 10 minutes.

3. Take a hot shower post exfoliating – the myth about steam opening up your pores is inaccurate. What it will do is cause light sweating that can help dislodge sebum and dirt build-up inside of pores. Making it easier to remove.

4. Use a clay mask – after exfoliating and steaming, products such as clay masks can more readily pull impurities from your skin. This is an important step if you suffer from acne or blackheads. We love the detoxifying Dr. Perricone Chloro Plasma clay mask made from phytonutrient microcapsules and Arcona’s Tea Tree Mask for its antibacterial and sebum control properties.

5. Apply toner – using a toner prior to sheet mask application will balance the skin’s pH level and prep the skin for proper absorption of mask nutrients. Read more about toners here.

6. Lock everything in with a sleeping mask – once you remove the sheet mask it’s important to seal in the nutrients. Using a sleeping mask will create a barrier locking in hydration. Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Mask is great for all skin types.

7. Use sheet masks before bed – now that you’ve applied the sleeping mask the obvious next step is to hit the sack. Our skin cell renewal is closely tied to our circadian rhythms during sleep, says University of California Irvine researchers, making it all the more vital to properly hydrate before nightly repair.

Have any Korean sheet mask tips? Let us know below!

Photographed by Amy Chang

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