Best Products For Repairing Your Skin Barrier

Dealing with dry, irritated, dehydrated skin? It could be due to a damaged or weakened skin barrier. If you aren’t sure, read A Damaged Skin Barrier Could Be Causing Your Skin Issues,” and then read on below for our top product picks for restoring a healthy moisture barrier and skin repair. 

Maya Chia SuperCritical Omega Oil is one of our faves for good reason. Made with 100% natural supercritical omega-3 chia seed oil, a few drops will significantly improve hydration and stave off trans-epidermal water loss (Annals of Dermatology). Plus, the rich antioxidants will reduce inflammation, while fighting signs of aging.

Herbivore Lapis Face Oil is perfect for acne prone, oily or combination skin types. With ingredients like Blue Tansy (anti-inflammatory and antibacterial) and squalene (plant oil that closely resembles skin’s natural sebum), skin is clarified and hydrated. Read here for our other Herbivore favorites. 

Luzern Serum Absolute Rehydrate Oil is for dry to extremely dry skin. We love the luxurious feel of this organic rosehips face oil made with fatty acids that replenish skin’s natural moisture barrier. If you have flakes, this oil will also gently slough away dead skin with trace amounts of natural trans-retinoic-acid.

Allies Of Skin All Day Mask. Add an extra layer of lightweight protection on top of your face oil with this pollution blocking, antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, collagen boosting day cream. Irritants are kept out, moisture is kept in with this shield.

And at night, slather on our current obsession, Zelens Stem Complex Rejuvenating Overnight Treatment, after applying a few drops of your preferred face oil. The time released hyaluronic acid will keep skin hydrated throughout the night, while high performance peptides repair any accelerated aging you might have incurred from dehydration during the day.

Written by BOND EN AVANT; Image source: brands

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