[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Parenthesis lines, also known as “laugh lines,” slowly form around the mouth as the skin loses elasticity and collagen levels decrease. One side may be deeper than the other. “An asymmetry not uncommon,” says Dr. Allan Sfetzel, founder of Ocean Cosmetic Medicine, Santa Monica, CA, “most people will see this imbalance in the way they age due to two reasons: increased sun exposure while driving on the left hand side and possible sleep position.”

Dr. Sfetzel continues, “Sleep position can influence wrinkle development. The pressure and weight of ones head (on average, weighing 10-11 pounds), pushes the face against the pillow (for side sleepers) forcing the skin to fold or crease. Over time, wrinkles can form or deepen.” He recommends sleeping on your back.

But what if you’re like the 41% of people who find sleeping on your back uncomfortable and prefer to sleep on your side?

Jamie Sherill, owner of Beauty Park Medical Spa in Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi, thinks she has the answer – a revolutionary new pillow called, Beauty Bear.

A pillow named for it’s unique double U-shaped structure that looks like a bear is meant to combat lines by cradling the face while users sleep on their sides, or cradling the neck preventing back sleepers from shifting position.

The pillow has a removable satin slip-cover Sherill says was preferred over silk since silk was too slippery. The satin material helps protect the skin by maintaining natural hydration levels. Conversely, cotton, the most widely used pillow case material, is highly absorbent robbing the skin and hair of restorative moisture and expensive creams you slather on before bed.

I gave the Beauty Bear a try. Here’s what I found after sleeping on it for three nights:

  1. The Beauty Bear works! Each morning I awoke to fresh, unwrinkled skin and my laugh lines did appear less creased.
  2. Do not sleep on the Beauty Bear with wet hair! Similar to brand new jeans, when the denim dye rubs off, the black color of the satin cover rubbed all over my white sheets. Washing did not remove the stains…
  3. I miss my tempurpedic pillow. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being extremely comfortable (sleeping on a cloud) and 1 being extremely uncomfortable (sleeping on a rock), I would rank the Beauty Bear a 6. My neck didn’t hurt in the morning, but falling asleep on the Beauty Bear was an adjustment. I noticed myself pining for my old tempurpedic pillow – comfort level 9.

Overall, I would say pass on this product. Yes, the results are great if you have the discipline to sleep on an awkward pillow that will stain your white sheets. But I’d suggest exploring other options, such as: alternating the side you sleep on, opting for a silk pillow case to keep your skin hydrated, or saving your money for cosmetic treatments in the future.

-Amy Chang
Photographed by the the author


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